1. marbeltoast

    Yanfly's Equip Core - Optimize (and Optimize in general) in MV <RESOLVED>

    Hey all! I'll cut to the point. I don't like the fact that the weapon/armour equipment system in RPG maker MV has an "optimize" command for auto-equiping a character with high stat weapons and armour. I don't want it in my game for a cavalcade of reasons. Trouble is, I don't know how to get rid...
  2. ovate

    Equip Optimize By Price

    Mano_EquipOptimizeByPrice - Version 1.0.0 (2018/06/22) Creator name: Sigureya Overview Optimize equipment by price with a note tag Feature Change the price of performance for optimize. Higher performance of the equipment, the better chance it'll be selected. How to use Use this tag in the...
  3. AdamSakuru

    YEP Auto Passive States [short 'lag spikes']

    Plugin Link: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/17/yep-13-auto-passive-states/ I'd like to make use of Auto-Passive States for certain things in my game project, but I have a lot of stuff going on in my battles visually/with eventing. I think this, coupled with the amount of plugins I'm using, has all...
  4. Fernyfer775

    "Customize" the Equipment Optimize Button

    Hey all. So, in my current project, I reworked "LUCK" into a stat called "POWER" which serves as an indicator of a piece of gear's potential/strength/what-have-you. My question is two-fold: How exactly does the default optimize button work? How are stats weighed? Does it just put on the piece...
  5. Trying to create an enemy detection system, need a second opinion.

    The idea behind this was that I wanted something where the enemies had a detection range and when you walked into it, an event started, whether it be a battle starts or it just gives you a game over (haven't decided yet). I looked up some stuff on this but pretty much everything I found was...
  6. ramza

    Ramza's Equipment Optimization on Class Change -=Updated Sept. 12 2017=-

    Ramza's Equip Optimization on Class Changev1.20 (that's a mouthful of a title isn't it?) Updated to version 1.20! Window position customization from plugin parameters! Horraj! What is it?: Makes it so that when a class is changed using YEP_ClassChangeCore, equipment can be automatically...

    RPGMaker MV Command to Optimize Equipment from an Event

    Is there a way to optimize equipment in RPGMaker MV via an event like what could be done in VX? VX used the following command $game_actors[1].optimize_equipments as detailed in the post below... but if I use this command in MV, I get the error shown below.
  8. MeowFace

    None Optimize Equip Scene

    Made for a request here. This script simply removes the optimize/clear from the equip scene. Features: Non-optimize equip scene How to use: [1] Paste this script below Material and above other custom scripts. Note: Page Up/Down in the slot window will no longer scroll up/down in page but...
  9. Rikifive

    Single Brick or Multiple Pebbles - Which One is Heavier?

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask what would be better for performance? -> A fully transparent window with screen size (664 x 504), where everything is in one refresh method and it's updating when one thing in it changes or each frame when needed ~ OR ~ -> Fully transparent windows with...
  10. removed

  11. Removing the optimize button?

    Hey, just a quick question. In the generic inventory, how can I remove the optimize button? Just so it's not there anymore and forces players to read over the effects and drawbacks of weapons and gear without just hitting optimize when getting new gear without caring to read them? What I mean...

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