1. HornsterLG

    RMMV Option to turn a plugin line on/off

    I am using Yanfly Options Core and I want the player to be able to turn the following canvas render option on/off (I have a plugin that can change the fullscreen render option. I can manually change the render option by replacing "pixelated" with "auto" or disabling the plugin/ removing the line...
  2. RMMZ Visustella MZ Option Core help

    I want to add my own custom options into the menu but i have no javascript knowledge, can anyone provide me with and example script for an option? I want: A slider that controls a variable A switch that control a switch Can anyone give me an example code and tell me how to configure them?
  3. What does the event options do

    The "Options: Walking Stepping Direction Fix Through" settings of an event always confuses me, what does they do? there doesn't seems to be any online documentations for this?
  4. isaias20

    move cursor without click - MV

    I'm starting to use RPG Maker MV and I notice that you can use the mouse but to change to other options you have to click on them. Is there a way to move between options simply by moving the cursor? I don't want to have to click to open every option in the inventory or in the main menu. Thank you.
  5. remainderstudios

    Equip option (inventory script)

    Hello. I am using Theo limited inventory script for my project. (vx ace) Theo limited inventory I want to know if it is possible to add an option to equip the item or weapon from the inventory. I am using falcao pearl abs script and it allows you to use a key to open a window and there you...
  6. Toggle Items Command On/Off while in Battle

    I've been scouring the internet for an answer to this for awhile with no clear result, so I'll make it as clear as possible so there's no confusion. I need a way/method to hide/remove/disable the Items Command while in the middle of a battle (imperative), and also to turn it back on again (less...
  7. How to give actor a weapon after dialogue

    Hello, I am trying to give my actor a weapon as a reward from his dad. How can I give it to him after dad finishes the dialogue? Also.. is it possible to make enemies in character generator and use them for side battle?
  8. Is there a way to lock main menu options at the start and have them unlock through game progress?

    I know the CG gallery has options to have images locked then unlock them through actions in game but I wanted to ask if there was a way to do something similar with menu buttons on the main screen. Examples: The whole CG gallery locked until reaching a certain point, or having an "Extra mode"...
  9. 22pepperjack

    Calling Yanfly Options Menu from Common Event

    so im setting up a series of common events in conjunction with Yanfly's button common events so that players can open different menus with a simple button press. however, i cant seem to find the right script call to open Yanfly's Options Menu window. anyone have any idea which script/plugin...
  10. Uzuki

    How To Enable/Disable An Option In Yanfly's Option Core Plugin For MV

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with blocking out an option in Yanfly's Option Core plugin. In my game I Have an Prepper mode and a Survivor mode. Survivor mode is the "normal" difficulty and is designed to be played as the way that I intended to, while Prepper mode can be classified as an...
  11. MushroomCake28

    MUSH: Screen Resolution Menu Option

    Introduction: I don't know why I didn't start a thread before for this plugin since I've created it a long time ago. It basically adds an option to tweak the game resolution in-game. Note: I didn't test on rpg maker mv version 1.6.0+ since that version forces you to update your old js files...
  12. Bigbaddevil7

    Is Excluded Unused Files really that usefull

    This is just a discussion I want to start on the option stated above and if it really should be used or not. Statements said below can be misunderstanding of the feature, feel free to correct anything. So I have been running into a few issues with this simple checkbox "Exclude unused files"...
  13. Stonga

    How do I make actor specific 'normal' attacks in MV?

    I've seen scripts for VX Ace that allow special normal attacks per character, but yet i cant seem to find out how to do it in MV. What I'd like is to be able to have some characters have the normal "Attack" option (which uses the first skill slot in the editor), and other characters use perhaps...
  14. Val

    Player to change the FONT of the game in the Options Menu?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone know a plugin that can give the player the option to select between different FONT for the text of his game? What I would like is to give an Option Menu with the Parameter Font and the player could scroll in this list to change the FONT of all...
  15. No Special Option?

    Hey! So, i'm kinda new to RPG maker vx ace and stuff, and I've started making a game based off of Super Mario Bros. I added in a shop and then went to test it out and encountered an enemy. Then I noticed that my "Special" option in the battle menu was gone, and I couldn't use skills anymore...
  16. Highlighting the Current Choice in a menu. [VX Ace]

    Where is the line of code that creates a highlight around the option that you are currently hovering over? I'm using VX Ace. This is what i mean: As you can see, the top option is selected therefor there is a highlight around it. This is pretty universal in like every menu. Where...
  17. Beminfire

    Help with my new Horror Game

    Hi, I'm making a horror game in RPG Maker MV. - When I open up the Item menu i want to make it so you don't see the Weapons and Armor options because I won't use them. - Also I would like the player to only have 1 save slot and when they save no menu pops up for it and just saves to the one...
  18. Difficulty / Random Encounter Rate Slider

    Good morning! I have a request for a plugin I've long since looked for and considered a nice modern "quality of life" improvement for RPGs. That is, the game's difficulty and random encounter rate can be changed at any time with an option in the menu.  One game that had this feature was...
  19. Kayokensa

    [Update] LanguageManager + Core

    LanguageManager + Core Intro:  I've started working on a LanguageManager / Language Selection Plugin which lets you change the language ingame without having the trouble of assigning variables/switches and stuff like that. And because it's really hard to grasp what exactly needs to...
  20. Hisao Shou

    Choice option next to NPC

    I'd like to make choices for npcs more interesting and I have no ideea how to make this happen. Here I will let an example i made in paint. When the player talks to npc it will show some options like: Talk, Fight, etc... next to it. I guess this can be made with pictures.. but... you...

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