1. Hasiva

    AND and OR operators

    Hello. It's probably a beginners' question, but can you make conditional branches with AND and OR operators in Ace? I specifically want to do some statements with switches, but a solution for normal variables would be appreciated too. I know you can make one condition after another for AND, but...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Script keeps returning false

    ◆If:Script:(($gameActors.actor(1).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(4).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(5).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(8).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(9).isClass(5).id)) ◆Jump to Label:Bypass ◆ :Else ◆Text:None, Transparent, Bottom : :\N[1] Is not a...
  3. Narch

    Need ideas for a "or" logic switch system

    I got a big batch of switches, when one switch is ON, all the others need to be OFF. Do you have tips on how to make this with not too much lines of code? So far the only solution I have is a common event with conditionnal branches: if SwitchA = ON, then make SwitchB,C,D,E,F,G... OFF if...
  4. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    I have an event with a conditional that needs the "Script" so it can check multiple things at once, If (A < C) && (A > D) Then... I tried: $gameVariables.(26) > 60 && $gameVariables(26) < 81; but I get a syntax error "(" I am fairly familiar with javascript conditionals and have do...
  5. evilsaigon

    How to add boolean "or" operator in notetag strings?

    Hi. I have complete zero knowledge in programming, and I always use events to get what I want. But now, I'm stuck at notetag strings. I'm using Yami's Skillshop plugin, link: http://yed.yami.moe/yed-skill-shop/ The plugin basically allows skills to be bought in a skill shop, and imposing...
  6. Dacuna

    Fixed Version or Patch for In-Depth Maps

    So I've been using this script which lets me walk behind walls: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/2162-in-depth-maps-v20/ It was working fine, until I realized when I saved and restarted the game, the overhead system shuts off and doesn't work anymore. I can fix it by opening up...
  7. defunct-user

    Where or How did you get your current username? (X Posted)

    I looked for such a thread here but couldn't find any. So tell me! How'd you get your current username? There's gotta be a reason behind "XxAngelLoverBabyxX" or something... I don't know. If there's a story involved, tell me! Iron Croc is a name I gave myself because I like crocodiles. I...
  8. Ambitious Kev

    RPG Maker XP Remastered OST Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, just thought id start a discussion about the RMXP OST thats been remastered. has anyone purchased it yet? if so is it worth buying? I want all the good and bad feedback I can get :)

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