1. Drunken Paladin

    Autosave Plugins

    Hi everyone, there are a couple of autosave plugins out there, but they all offer slightly different features and none of them offer the exact ones I would like. Yanfly's automatically overwrites your latest save file, which is uncharacteristically not well thought out, but I do like the little...
  2. Dreeks

    Orange Overlay issue

    Hello, I'm using both Orange Overlay plugin and the Chrono engine plugin, but when i have parralax tileset on a map there is some graphic issues, (when the hero attack or use item) i'll show you that in this video: As you can see, the hero appearing above the parralax when the user attack or...
  3. Hagal_

    Exp Script value/Pattern

    Hello everyone! Don´t know if this has been taken care of in another thread, so sorry if it has. But I have spend the whole day trying to figure this out. Nothin, not even google is my friend anymore :( I´m trying to make a EXP-Gauge and a EXP "Numberdisplay" using OrangeHudGauge and...
  4. BigToastie

    Anyone Familiar with Orange Day/Night ?

    How do you get it to deactivate the day and night system on inside maps using the commands is what I need to know. Using the Tileset id works fine, but I have multiple tilesets that are used inside and outside so I can't do that with all tilesets (and I want to Try to avoid duplicate tilesets...
  5. BonnieLass

    Orange Custom Events trouble

    First of all, I would have posted my troubles on Orange's Custom Events thread, but it hasn't seen much activity lately. So I'm unlikely to receive much help and I could really use some help. I'm using this plugin because I want to switch out event graphics based on a variable. This is a game...
  6. HalcyonDaze

    OrangeHUD Message Fix

    I was wondering if anyone could write a fix for a small bug in Hudell's OrangeHUD, which causes the HUD to not fade out while message boxes are being displayed. Depending on where your HUD is in relation to your message boxes, the HUD will overlap over the message box. Since Hudell has retired...
  7. Hudell

    Orange Overlay

    Use this instead:
  8. Hudell

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Orange Greenworks 1.0 Hudell Introduction This scripts enables some features of the steamworks API: Features - Achievements. - Detect Player Name, - Detect Player Language. - Get Number of Steam Friends. - Get and Set Steam Stats. - Check, Install and Uninstall...
  9. Hudell

    Orange Faster Pathfinding

    Orange - Faster Pathfinding 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will make the default pathfinding process faster. How to Use This is a very simple plugin. Just activate it on your plugin manager and you're done. You do not need this plugin if you're using SuperOrangeMovement. Plugin Get it...
  10. Hudell

    Orange Mapshot

    Orange - Mapshots 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will export the map to image files. The images will be created on a Mapshots folder on the same folder where the Game.exe is (When playtesting, that's inside the rpg maker/nwjs-win folder). Only works while playtesting and on...
  11. Hudell

    Orange Mouse Data

    Orange - Mouse Data 1.0 Hudell Introduction This plugin will give you access to mouse's X, Y, TileX, TileY and Down Status for both left, middle and right buttons How to Use This is a very simple plugin. Just activate it on your plugin manager and then set the params you want to use. The...
  12. Hudell

    Orange Region Collisions

    Orange - Region Collisions 1.1 Hudell Introduction This plugin will let you override the tile passability using regions. Params BlockRegionId Any tile with the region specified on this param will be blocked, regardless of the tile configurations. UnblockRegionId Any tile with the region...

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