1. JShaw

    RPG Orchestral Essentials - Royalty-Free Music

    Hey there fellow gamers! I am Jonathan Shaw - a freelance composer and sound designer - and have released a free video game music library with a bunch of royalty-free video game tracks covering various themes and scenarios, all with an orchestral aesthetic and with suggested uses and loop...
  2. TheMuweeCollective

    69 Game Over Jingles (Free)

    Here are 69 Game Over Jingles to use, for free, in your projects. You can listen and download them here https://muweecollective.bandcamp.com/album/game-over-jingles-pack All tracks have been made while the Music Weeklies Challenge http://www.musicweeklieschallenge.com when a Game Over Jingle...
  3. MushroomCake28

    MushroomCake28's compositions master list

    Hello everyone! I've been posting some of my compositions from times to times on the forum, but I've never organized them or kept track of them here (truth is I kinda just posted on my status). So here's a complete list of all my compositions for video games (purely classical compositions are...
  4. totallyHorse

    totallyHorse's Music Requests!

    Hello, I am here to make music for YOUR projects to build my portfolio! I have been creating music for developers for 6 years, and I would like to build more experience in composition. I specialize in orchestral music, but I have created music for older video games. Here Are A Few Examples...
  5. futrchamp

    [OPEN] Futrchamp's Music Laboratory

    Hi there! Welcome to my music laboratory. I'm looking for opportunity to write for other people's projects and build up my portfolio. My samples include many genres/styles of music, and anything you request is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Here are some examples of my tracks: "Silent...
  6. Larry Jones

    Larry Jones - Music Workshop

    Hello and welcome to my music workshop. Here are the tracks I have uploaded to Soundcloud recently: https://soundcloud.com/larryjonesmusician If you would like to request some music, please fill out this request form: Purpose - e.g. Title screen music, Level background music... Description...
  7. AoDLegacy

    Battle Music Requests

    Hello, my name is AoDLegacy, and I love making battle music, which is why I decided I would try taking requests for some, as I know getting music can be frustrating. However I'm not insane so I have some basic rules about this. If you do not read these rules and follow them, then I will not...
  8. HatJump

    HatJump's Music Shop

    Hello all! I have been writing a few tracks for a game that I've been working on, and am looking to buff out my portfolio of works. It's great experience to write a large number of pieces, and I particularly enjoy writing while having a pre-existing restriction, eg. instruments, style, mood...
  9. taistelusopuli

    [CLOSED] Free music deal ended.

    MODERATORS remove topic. Thank you! :)
  10. Secret Machines

    New Composer - Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Andrew and I'm a composer and RPG fan.  I actually started long ago with RPG Maker on Playstation and then worked with XP for a bit.  I recently worked with a ported MAC version of XP for a project.  Anyway I love to write music,  Here are some links to my tracks: Lost Island...
  11. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Hello, all of you wonderful game makers! I am Ms Littlefish. You can call me Meg. As one might be able to tell, I make music. I hope you all enjoy and find some of my creations useful to your game projects! Terms for Music Credit: Ms Littlefish and/or Megan Murphy Non-Commercial: Yes...
  12. Lucas Artistry

    Some RPG Title Music!

    I've been writing a few tunes lately that I would love to see become the Introduction or Title track to somebody's Epic RPG someday! https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/wolf-of-the-highlands https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/black-sails...
  13. Captain Epic

    Captain Epic's Music Workshop

    Hi, I'm new around here and thought I'd offer my services as a composer. I'll be happy to take any requests you may have for music.   I'd like to start off by saying that while I'd love to make lots of music, my time is limited - I work up to 60 hours per week, after all, and sometimes 7 days a...
  14. Blodeuyn

    Kairi Sawler's Free Commercial Music Workshop!

    THIS THREAD IS CLOSED, SOMEONE NECROPOSTED, SORRY ABOUT THAT. I may bring it back one day, but as of 9/5/2015 this thread is closed.     Hey everyone! Kairi Sawler here, and I wanted to throw out some free music, as well as open a little workshop, for people to request music to be made. Just a...
  15. Scythuz

    [Music] Scythuz's Humble Store of Assorted Music

    Hi there my name is Scythuz, video game composer and maker of melodies! I would like to offer to make music for your game!  Music that sounds kind of like this! As you can probably tell from those samples, I can write in a lot of different styles.   I'm very adaptable and I'm always looking...
  16. Scythuz

    [FREE] Scythuz's Mountain of Music - Free for commercial use!

    Hello there everyone.  I have here a big bunch of free to use music, a mountain of it you could say. These tracks are from various sources whether it be projects that haven't worked out, tracks that weren't used,tracks i've made for fun and so on.  They are completely free to use for both...
  17. Hao-kun

    Musician For Hire!

    Hey there! just wondering of this is still open.

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