1. zaizoa

    Publishing RPG Maker VX ACE resorces

    Hey everyone! This is my first post! (yay c:) So I was wondering, I've made many games using rpg maker vx ace with custom resources however I was wondering if I make a game I really like using the default resources in the game eg Eric can I publish it? I want to use some of the character...
  2. nio kasgami

    Emoji Engine MV Origin "PluginCore"

    ■ Emoji Engine MV - Origin "EmojiBase Author : Nio Kasgami  Date of creation : 2015/10/05 V.1.00 Require : NA ■ Introduction Base for EMM. It's store params and permit to extract plugin parameters easily and faster then the default manner. It's also a prerequisiste for all my Emoji Engine MV...
  3. Zalerinian

    Sprite OX/OY in RMMV

    Sprite Anchor With the new sprite type, courtesy of Pixi.js, there is a property used in several locations referring to ‘this.anchor.x’ and ‘this.anchor.y’. Anchor is the origin of the sprite. Therefore, when you used .ox and .oy for a sprite in Ace and below, you would now use .achor.x and...
  4. Sophism

    Setting Parallax's X and Y Origin Point

    So here's the scenario: My project has a pretty large map as its main hub  - 180 x 120 - and as one of its landmarks, I have this relatively small pond that I wish to have animated, transparent water and reflect sprites. I've already created a layered version from various snapshots, and...
  5. EvilEagles

    Ys Series

    Ys is a Japanese hack & slash RPG series, and Nihon Falcom corporation's flagship franchise. In terms of the number of game releases, Ys is second only to Final Fantasy as the largest Eastern RPG series.The first game of the series was released in early 1988 by Falcom. Ys series was originally...

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The presentation pictures for FSM Castle Tiles are really bad, there is so much more content in this DLC than they show. Great DLC.^^
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The MZ first look stream was quite good. Looks like we get a lot of generator parts right off the bat this time around. Lots of cool clothes, helmets, facial marks, etc. Looking forward to playing around with it. :)
Any tips on how to share resources in here? Should I upload them in a image hosting site or Google Drive?

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