1. Sausage_Boi

    RM MV Cars (and truck)

    Character sprite (or events?) MV RTP style I am looking for someone who can make the car(s) from RM MV RTP to be facing up and down, so the can be placed in any of the four directions. The truck would be cool, too, but not necessary. Also, I will be able to make recolors, so it is only...
  2. KillerGin

    Hello fellow game developers/RPG enthusiasts!

    Hello all! I am new to the scene but I can assure you I am here to stay! I plan on working on my game until its commercial release! I just submitted an early game development post and hopefully it will be approved soon. If you are interested in saving hi, ask questions, or anything in between...
  3. Xirahii

    Xirahii's Basically-Everything-Musical Workshop

    That topic title was a mouthful... ._. but I think it describes what I have in mind pretty accurately.  I have made - and am still more than willing to make - songs of various genres, either full versions or loopable versions.  Basically whatever you think will fit your project, be it...
  4. LeeOccleshaw

    Untold Questiny

          (Early 'Sketchbook' Development Stage - RPG Maker MV)     S C R E E N S H O T S       "Placeholder man enjoying a relaxing walk in the sun."     "I haven't made it very far in development yet, I'm still experimenting!"  ...
  5. Schematist

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme using FL Studio for Beginners.
  6. Evan Finkel

    Finkel's Tileset

    Finkel's Tileset Edits & Original Tiles for VX/Ace   Terms of Use: Non-commercial use only. Credit process: Simply add my name to the list, real name (Alan Finkelstein) or forum name is fine. Edit spoiler is for things that are EDITED from the RTP so be sure to give additional credit to...
  7. DeadCrescendo

    My last instrumental album, Dogma. Shall we listen?

    Right forum right? Right? Left? Right? I'm here all week. I wanted to officially post my album "Dogma" here, get some feedback on it, maybe some critique. As I am using it as half the soundtrack for my sci-fi game I'm currently working on...(Part Two of that soundtrack is in the works...)...
  8. Lucas Artistry

    Some RPG Title Music!

    I've been writing a few tunes lately that I would love to see become the Introduction or Title track to somebody's Epic RPG someday! https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/wolf-of-the-highlands https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/black-sails...
  9. JDBArtist

    Blade Symphony - Original Composition

    Please have a look at one of my new compositions for Inspirational Vol.3!   Blade Symphony by JDBArtist created in 1 hour without my keyboard as it is currently in repair (so please accept my apology for the constant high-level velocity, I felt it was right for the tone and vibe of the...
  10. kanis999

    Original BGM Track - Valley of Lost Souls (appropriate for wandering and melancholy cutscenes)

    Hi Guys, This is all my material. I don't care what you do with it unless you go commercial with it, in which case you should ping me and maybe I can score your whole game lol. Made by Fruity Loops with Miroslav Philharkmonik VST plugin...
  11. Original state sprite sheet location

    I'm new around there, and I have some troubles with custom sprites. About their format, actually. I hope I'm not asking something which has already been answered... Actually, what I want to do is to create a new state : Super Poison (got the idea from Pokemon, it's actually a poison which is...
  12. Hollow

    Hollow's Dump O' Art + Writing

    So I'm just going to dump my art and the occasional written piece here~ ^_^ Ahhhh unfortunately, I don't have much to post at the moment, and even then they're both just sketchy things kdjvlgadb
  13. Levi

    Levi W's Music


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