1. woop

    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    What are some of your favorite games that have amazing sound tracks, but usually fly under the radar or you never see mentioned? I'm a sucker for any game that utilized the VRC6 chip for NES games (Castlevania 3 JP version is a great example, its my all time favorite NES OST). Here are a few...
  2. FFT style music

    Hello. Looking for a music pack that can be used in a game commercially that sounds similar to the Final fantasy Tactics ost. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. MushroomCake28

    MushroomCake28's compositions master list

    Hello everyone! I've been posting some of my compositions from times to times on the forum, but I've never organized them or kept track of them here (truth is I kinda just posted on my status). So here's a complete list of all my compositions for video games (purely classical compositions are...
  4. Geoff Moore

    ♪♫ Geoff's Game Music Corner ♫♪

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure why I've never made a thread in this subforum since these boards are where I got started making game music, but there's no time like the present! I'll be posting some music from RPGs and other games, and some made just for fun. Let's start with a recent Chrono-Trigger...
  5. Neo_Kum0rius_6000


  6. m_m_beta

    Retro RPG Music Pack

    Terms of Use Credit: Venomsoar Non-Commercial: Free. Commercial: Free. Repost: Yes. Edits: You are able to modify and edit the music. This is a collection of retro style rpg music using midi instruments. The pack is split into two parts. Contains cave music, battle themes both normal...
  7. Shikashi

    What is your favourite vidya music?

    What game music gives you a massive dose of nostalgia? What do you find memorable? Share your favourite songs and soundtracks! I'll start with a few of mine: Morrowind: Nerevar Rising Dragon Age: Inquisition: Orlais Theme Silent Hill 2: Promise Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley Zelda: Wind...
  8. MushroomCake28

    COME LISTEN!!! I just finished 2 tracks and I'm so proud!

    I've composed many tracks before, but these 2 were particularly good to me. I usually find my tracks good, but not at this level. It took me about 10 hours to complete these 2 tracks, one is for a project named Tyrania, and the other is for my project Luna Sanctus. Listen and tell me what you...
  9. Chris_Pitre

    Backwards compatible music?

    I should probably elaborate. I want to start a new project, usually I have no interest in making something with any intention of posting it online. But I'm curious this time, thing is, I had an idea and I'm not sure if it's fair play or not. So, as the title suggests, it's about the soundtrack...
  10. Prescott

    My game's soundtrack is on Bandcamp!

    To get something out of the way: Unfortunately, I cannot share screenshots/video at this time because while the game is pretty far along, the artwork really isn't. You can, however, check out the website for more info here: www.godsdisdain.com What I will tell you is that it is a 2D open world...
  11. JonathanKaz

    SERVICE Hi, i'm Jonathan Kaz, a video game composer.

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Kaz, i’m a video game composer student of Music College Fermatta, in Guadajalara Mexico. I’ve worked with people before on the indie game Carpe Diem: Reboot (will be released on autumn this year) and a lot of unfinished projects who unfortunately never saw the light...
  12. CleanWater

    FREE for commercial use MIDI

    Resource Type: BGM in .mid format Maker Format: RM2k3 Art Style: Any style, preferably orchestrated, medieval, celtic or acid jazz (BoF III fashion) Description: I need free for commercial use .mid files to use in my projects. I'm looking for a place where I can download these files whenever...
  13. Orb

    Your top 5 video game soundtracks/themes

    The kind of music I always listen to is, mostly, instrumentals. When studying, reading, or working, music always helps me to focus, find inspiration, or relax, and video game music is not an exception to this rule. Share with us your top 5 video games themes of all times (include a link if...
  14. Lerbert

    FREE Composer For Game

    I am a composer who has been composing for games for over a year. I really enjoy doing it and I always enjoy furthering my skills so I am offering individual songs for free. Here are examples of my newest tracks: (I specialize in kinda jazzy stuff but i'm flexible) And Here is my sound...
  15. Matseb2611

    Your favourite modern game soundtracks

    Was talking to @JCBrickston yesterday and the topic of game soundtracks came up which got me thinking. We all love the music from the older games, like the FF series and music from SNES/Genesis era. But what about modern soundtracks? So I thought I'd start a topic. List here your favourite game...
  16. Mega Music Giveaway (39+ free tracks)

    Hi everyone, I am a composer for games who has been lucky enough to work with some awesome developers. In the last couple of years I have written for a bunch of different projects, visual novels, games, but in that process I have built up a decent amount of tracks that are collecting internet...
  17. Joshua Harrison

    Fragile Demo

    Updates: See the bottom for information on the current Demo V1.6.3 I am currently taking a break from this project. I have spent many sleepless nights and pretty much all of my Christmas break before college starts back up working on this. It is getting to a point where I am starting to be...
  18. Josephcow

    Free Custom-written Music

    Commissions halted periodically! Feel free to message me with info about projects, advice, or anything, though! I am a non-professional composer but am looking for a project to write music for. I can write music for any genre and am willing to work on it for free. If you are looking for music...
  19. Ed19

    Neka Music Resources

    Visit my youtube Channel (Brand new!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF60iuAyrU46kqlRARKhwMg if you would like to donate : https://neka-productions.itch.io/ I am just an ordinary composer who's trying to contribute to indie-gaming communities. Feel free to download, listen, use, and give...
  20. Ambitious Kev

    RPG Maker XP Remastered OST Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, just thought id start a discussion about the RMXP OST thats been remastered. has anyone purchased it yet? if so is it worth buying? I want all the good and bad feedback I can get :)

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