1. Lakaroth

    ReadOnly Issue a possible solution (OSX)

    Hello there, i have find a strange issue, tested my game .app in differents MAC with differents, OS versions, apparently some users can't save the game, and the app crash. This issue happen only for mac deployement, this because the game is build inside a game.app so, for some reasons, OS...
  2. Lakaroth

    Change Deployment Os X App game icon

    There's a way to change the game.app deployment icon in Os X? In content > Resources i have find: nw.icns I have try to change it, but nothing happened. EDIT: I have find a solution: If someone need, go to: ▸ steamapps ▸ common ▸ RPG Maker MV ▸ RPG Maker MV.app ▸ Contents ▸ MacOS ▸...
  3. Sarbezleeb

    Unable to start / install RMMV trial on a mac

    I've downloaded the free trial of RPG Maker MV onto my MacBook Air, running OS X El Capitan version 10.11.1. The website claims that RMMV should work on OS X, and it doesn't look like any other available programs are compatible with Macs. In the zip folder I downloaded, there are two files in...
  4. [ Plugin problem | OSX ] New user need help !

    Anyone knows how to add plugins into mac ver. RMMV? I Followed the menu [F1], and drag the plugins into /NewData /js /plugins and they are not working. Anyone can help? Here is some screen shoots: http://imgur.com/a/SCt2y

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