1. L7C

    FREE [DARK ECHO] Mapper / Artist / Musician needed

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy RPG PROJECT INFO: RECRUITING RPG MAKER MV MAPPER : In order to focus on the chapters, and to create an attractive and intriguing world for the players. Any level welcome ! ARTIST : To bring to the Dark Echo universe your artistic touch and make it...
  2. Nightblade50

    Nightblade50's Mapping Workshop

    Workshop Status: Closed at This Time Welcome to my mapping workshop. A lot of mapping talent is needed to post in Classifieds, and since I have very little of that in anything I use resource workshops. If you suck at mapping or don't want to spend the time, hit me up :p Disclaimer: I don't...
  3. Lilly

    Lilly's Art✨Atelier✨

    Hello everyone~! I'm Lilly. I hope that I can help the community with my art. If you'd like to commission me, There's rules and the request form below. :Terms of Service: I won't draw Gore and Elderly It should take one week or less, but I'll let you know if it's taking longer than expected. I...
  4. Padramyr

    German Translation Workshop

    Ever wished that your games could be translated into other languages? English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a lot of people in other countries will understand (most) of your game. But what about all those people that don't speak English well enough? Don't worry, I'm here...
  5. Finnuval

    Need help with overworld map(s)

    Hi there, I'm currently working on A rather ambitious project and I'm looking for someone Who can make good overworld maps for free and my gratitude... It's for Mv Using only the Base tiles or your own if you have any but no third-party stuff. Description: I'm looking for up to 5 maps of...
  6. JardsonJean

    Ysmael (210x96) - Example Overworld Map + Open for Requests

    This map took me around 40 hours to complete and it's my biggest project yet. Its all inspired by my experience with Skyrim, so expect to find a lot of caves, towers, ruins, shacks, volcanoes and much much more. I tried my best to use all the vanilla resources to their fullest so keep an eye out...
  7. Kokoro Hane

    Kokoro's Custom Voice Pack workshop !

    Hello there, RPG Maker community! I thought I'd offer my services as a voice actress to give your game that extra something. Currently, I am offering partial voice acting services, which include; - Battle packs [fighting grunts, battle cries, skill call, death noises/dialogue, etc.] -...
  8. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Website for Commercial Use

    A question for all of you present and future commercial sellers.  I'm going to begin work on a website, and do you find it easier to create a "commercial website" that actually allows you to sell your game directly, or do you have a "nonpayment site" that links to someone/somewhere else who...
  9. LRDean_Socks

    The Sock Witch's Cabin of Resources

    The Sock Witch's Cabin   Welcome to the Sock Witch's Cabin where I will house a few resources!   I will do MV RTP redraws/ redesigns as well as maybe some original resources. My resources if full original will not come with match sprite...sorry.    Things to know This is for fun, I mainly...
  10. Simon D. Aelsi

    Iron Croc will lend you his voice for your IGMC SUBMISSIONS... FOR FREE !

    @Mods, I looked over the forums and I hope I put this in the right spot. If I didn't, I humbly apologize. Greetings.  If your IGMC ENTRY needs a narrator, or character voiceover, or what have you. I CAN HELP YOU! :D Starting on 7/22 I will be recording voiceover or narration for your IGMC...
  11. Evan Finkel

    Any good tablets expect Wacom?

    So there's any tablets expect Wacom? Because it's too expensive for me right now.
  12. Mahoken

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight (Pokemon)?

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight from Pokemon? You use the skill, and then after a set number of turns, it hits the enemy.  I found a Charge Skill script, but that makes it so the user can't attack or make any actions until the attack hits. I want it activate, and then about 3 turns...
  13. jtrev23

    Spirit Realm

    Topic now closed!
  14. Redeye

    Redeye's Ace Workshop

    ~Redeye's Ace Workshop~   Welcome, all. This workshop is now finally open, after a while of planning. Hopefully, things will go smoothly and normally.   ---What i'm Offering---   First off, i'm no Scripter. Nor am I a graphics designer. I'm an Ace specialist, who knows the many features that the...

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