1. WanderingDudeBM

    RMMZ Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia (Demo available)

    (Working Title Screen. Will be changed. See "About The Project" for more details.) Crimson Critiques 1: Cries of Esperanthia Thank you very much for your time. I hope to hear back soon from anyone interested in trying out my game.
  2. BenSD

    RMMZ Lucidity (demo)

    Lucidity A playable personality inventory. Mature content warning: Contains some strong language and sensitive topics such as religion and drug/alcohol use. SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS DISCLAIMER OTHER STUFF PLAY IT!
  3. tammie

    RMMV Swords and Savagery [Open World RPG]

  4. AeroFunk80

    RMMV Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown

    "Religion isn’t bad when put in the hands of those who follow it’s true teachings. It only becomes corrupt when wicked people pervert it to achieve their own selfish agendas." -Angelican Helena Rostling Engine RPG Maker MV Synopsis Introducing-Senn the Bard The Cast Features...
  5. kainworks

    RM2k/3 Flesh

    「 A sinful nature. 」 Original Release Date: October 24, 2018 Thank you so much for your support! Please, consider visiting my website to keep track of this and other projects! https://fantasysimulation.com You can also find me on #Twitter... https://twitter.com/kainworks ... and...
  6. daisyfairy42

    RMMV Volition v1.2 DEMO [CHOICE BASED RPG] Looking for Feedback!

    Volition Warning: This game swears a bit (no f-bombs though, mostly one character), and there is discussion of fictional religion and fantasy racism against vampires, witches, and demons among characters. If exploring these subjects in a fictional game about making choices is not alright with...
  7. RMMV Critical Role Legends: The Mighty Nein

  8. kainworks

    RM2k/3 ORBCRAFT CODEX / Demo [Ver.D001]

    Introduction Characters Game Features Screenshots Early Gameplay Videos Additional Credits Contains materials from "Bonus Materials" (C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC. Music by Isoda Shigeharu. Download Demo Version [Ver.D001]
  9. Amarok

    Blender to RpgMaker 3d isometric mapping pipeline tutorial.

    Blender to RpgMaker 3d isometric mapping complete tutorial. Hello there! since ive seen some interest in my 3d to rpg maker pipeline so i finally decided to share how its done. I have to say that im no programmer, so im sure there must be much better ways to achieve this regarding...
  10. RMVXA HetaliAcademy

    This is a fan-made game centered around the Hetalia universe. *(See notes below.) In the Stellar Trio’s first published game, HetaliAcademy, the personas of the countries of the world are forced to attend school. However, a few months into classes, countries begin falling ill. Eventually, only...
  11. Carduus

    A Different Clarity (contains religion, politics and sex)

    Cast down your eyes, oblivious, lightly shaded, Assuming the shape of a friend, you known to all men, yet Almost it bends our knees, such loftiness. Nothing in Your presence I know; but one thing: mortal you are not. A wise man could elucidate much for me; but where A God as...
  12. evilsaigon

    RMMV Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    After many months of slogging, I finally present to you my masterpiece... Willistoria Download the game from any one of these sources: https://evilsaigon.itch.io/willistoria https://rpgmaker.net/games/8906/downloads/8231/ Background Monsters have always been at odds against...
  13. Power Master

    Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

    Download link Download the full game here! Synopsis Begin the adventure of a new journey. Take control of your party and save the world as it is once again under attack from the revived wizard, Exitilus. His goal: Obtain all 26 of the wish-granting Gems that reside in the land of Moneo...
  14. Corlagon

    Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures

    Disclaimer: Contains fantastic racism (by a villain). Hiho, I’m disabled and work much slower than normal people, but I still managed to come up with something I could make within the time limit and still stand behind artistically: Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures The game is...
  15. Orgaya

    RMVXA Geiken

    The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because...
  16. The Commander

    The Legend of Markiplier

    The Legend of Markiplier is a fangame for popular YouTuber "Markiplier" developed on the RPG Maker VX (RMVX) engine by "Sir Areis Lionheart", and is the first game to be officially developed beneath the Commander Games Studios banner (Warriors of Guardias was the first game developed...
  17. Sephiron

    Seph's terrible LoZish tiles

    Not too long ago I had posted this to the RMVX ace forums, but it seems to have been lost in the fray. Anyways, I still would like to know what people think of these tiles. I definitely have gotten much better since I've started working on these, and I'm even working on a new tileset for my...
  18. YourClosetLlama

    SoulBound. Where will your soul take root?

    Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8kkds47fqz0ub1/soulbound-zac.exe?dl=0 Hello RPG Maker Community! This is a small dev team project, consisting of two members, so if we're getting good feedback then we'll continue to add to the game. We wanted to post a small portion of it to give a...
  19. The Commander

    Warriors of Guardias

    Warriors of Guardias is a game by "Sir Areis Lionheart" and built on the RPG Maker XP engine: "In a land ripped apart by the brutal conflict of two warring factions, a young hero rises to end the stalemate and finally bring the decades-old war between the Humans and the Asotroth and...
  20. Acetonide

    Solo Shooter - v2.00 Now Up!

    Introduction Solo Shooter is a simple Top-Down Scrolling Shooter. It currently features a short story and some other things. Be sure to check out the features list and updated screenshots. Original Introduction- Downloads Information Solo Shooter is a short Top-Down Scrolling Shooter...

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