1. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Choice window in the wrong place at the right time

    So the choice window that pops up when you have a player make a choice is in the way. or i guess you could say the name box is in the way. I have tried moving the text window around and I unfortunately can not find a way to move the choice window around. Here are some pictures to illustrate my...
  2. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] Issue with Show Choices and Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Hey everyone! I seem to have some kind of problem with the show choices command and Galv's Visual Novel Choices plugin (LINK) where if I open any kind of menu from the choices and then close it, the choices text multiplies on the screen. HERE's what I mean. Not sure what is causing it, but it...
  3. Main Menu Data Overlapping

    I'm having a problem that I can't seem to find an answer to. I have downloaded Yanfly's JP system, and when I open the main menu while playtesting, the JP is overlapping the Class of my Actors. Is there a way I can move the JP further to the right so it doesn't overlap? Thanks!
  4. ovate

    Overlapped Window Fix

    MPP_WindowInsideClear - 2018/06/10 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview When windows overlapped, you can fix the space between them. Note: This plugin apply to windows that looked closely cut off. Features - Adjust inside width through a parameter, keep tinker with the numbers...
  5. Cerevire

    Weird Tileset Issue

    I seem to be having a weird issue with tilesets I've been grabbing resources from all over and while some fit without need to edit anything, others end up with weird selection boxes. Sometimes changing the name helps. For example adding a new character sprite ends up too small changing its...
  6. lvkennelly

    Anyone else having this problem with Yanfly's Doodads Plugin?? Things randomly appearing help!

    So I was absolutely loving Yanfly's new doodads plugin as my parallaxes were taking up a lot of space, and it was working great for the first few days, but now it's started doing this thing where it just randomly makes things appear that I haven't put there (examples below). I've looked all...
  7. Custom tiles overlapping each other

    So I'm fairly new to RPG maker VX ace and I have a question. I installed some modern tiles (and this issue isn't just with the modern tiles, it's with pretty much every custom tileset that I use) and i've found that when i want to make a map, some of the tiles overlap each other. If you don't...
  8. Koor54

    Overlapping Issues

    Alright so I'm trying to put a ship into the Sample map, Port Town. I've gotten the Tile set for the ship and put together the outline of the ship...but for the mast, sails, etc the transparency background doesn't work correctly. Here is what I mean...

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