1. Victor Engine Fog troubles

    Hey all so I'm trying out this VE Fog and Overlay script (I just love VE) But it's just not working. I have put the Fog Image into a seperate Fog folder in "Graphics" and in the Map Tag I have: <fog effect> id: 10 name:"FogVE" opacity: 100 </fog effect> <fog move 1: 3, 0> But there just isn't...
  2. SakuraMiya

    Overlay Trouble

    This has never happened to me before, but for some reason, when I move from map to map, the overlays I put to the map are gone. And yes, I know about the "Erase Event" thing. I'm also using Seer's Fixed Pictures script, but even these layers dissappear when I move from map to map. What's...
  3. Jonforum

    BLEND_MODES like photoshop in the core

    Hi I am interested in the fact that we can not use the diferent Blend mode? That there is a logical reason why it should not be in place. From what I understand, rmmv uses a hybrid webGL, Canvas and Pixi. Here are the different blend mode that exists * Various blend modes supported by PIXI. *...
  4. anonamix

    Need help making an event that will allow my tall sprites to appear over my parallax overlays..

    Hi. I have created tall sprites and parallax overlay layers for my project. I would like to make an event (to place under my overlay layer object) so that when walked upon it forces my actor to appear above the overlay. So that when my actor is behind the overlay parallax (and the event is not...
  5. Starshine

    Blank Space Around Trees

    I've found I can't overlap trees because the tree on top has blank spaces around it. Any way to fix that? Thanks.
  6. Orgaya

    Suggestions for Prettying up My Game

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for any kind of scripts that add overlays or lighting effects, but I'm not having any luck. Most of the ones I've come across either have dead links or are more complicated than I need them to be. I'm working with VX Ace. Can anyone suggest anything? (As an...
  7. Overlay is following character from map to map

    Heya Forums! I'm new, this is my first post, so if I'm in the wrong place or a bit lost, sorry! Please could you point me in the right direction? Anyway, I'm trying to parallax a map, Well, I'd like to think I've done it really well, cause' the map I parallaxed worked out fine - a store...
  8. Event above Overlay

    Hey everyone....I have a small problem, that does not seem to be addressed here otherwise (at least I could not find anything). In my parallax map I have the trees and the top of the mountains as an Overlay, so the character can walk under or behind it, but that means that birds and other...
  9. Pr0ph3t

    Help with Vlue Advanced Game Time

    Hey guys, I am using Vlues advanced Game time and I have a minor issue. I have used YEA Core to change resolution to the max 640x480 and the shading to indicate time flow doesnt affect the extra pixels. I find no reference to resolution or overlay width and height in Vlues script. Does anyone...
  10. Help with parallax overlay

    Hi all! I had a quick question about my overlay. This is my first parallax map and I'm having a little issue with the overlay.  So I created a tileset with all blank tiles and set the passability of first three to "circle", "x", and "star". Then I drew over the image base so it would all...
  11. wistiecutie

    Parallax Mapping Opinions & Tips ?

    Greetings everyone !  The matter of this topic is that , I've been recently giving myself to parallax mapping .  As it may be a little hard to render , I do consent that gives out a lot more smoothly . So here are my two questions : First : Would you still play a game and think it is...
  12. [ noodels4life ] Quest Log Overlay!

    Hello !  :D :D I am "noodels4life". I am currently requesting a plugin that puts a kind of Quest Log Overlay in the map, when the player walks around in the world. I'm currently using the "Game_Stailer94 Quest System" for my quests and its working out fantastically! But then I heard of the...
  13. Iliketea

    Small problem with Kaus Overlay, Yanfly and Cliffs...

    Hi everyone! I hope I am posting this in the correct section, if not please forgive me. This is my problem: I am using Kaus Overlay for mapping and Yanflys Region Restriction to mark were people can go and where not. And that works fine. BUT THIS: How can I make it so...
  14. DreamX

    Enemy State Overlays

    Enemy State Overlays v1.00 By DreamX   Introduction Works with both front and sideview and is compatible with Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies. Let me know if you find any bugs/errors/incompatibilities or have any suggestions for updates. Patch Notes None Features Allows state...
  15. Naveed

    [MV] Burn Overlay

    I just request a small and simple edit from my fellow community members. My game will have a 'burn' state and I need an overlay for it. The default overlay sheet has a rage overlay which will work fine, as long as the face is removed. So, all I'm requesting is the face on the rage state overlay...
  16. Naveed

    Additional State Overlays

    So by default, MV only allows us to use 10 overlay images for showing states when using the SV battle style. This, however, limits us to only showing overlays for the default states. So I'm requesting a plugin that  would allow us to use more than the default state overlays. Perhaps we could...
  17. Milena

    Properly defined but not showing itself

    I have made this sample code in Spriteset_Map and Game_System, where I wanted to place a sample image on the screen that the character can step unto: It keeps saying everything about the functions I made is undefined, such as the x property being null, but they are referenced in Game_System...
  18. jet_black

    VHS-Style Image manipulation for every asset

    Hey guys, for my next game, I am planning to have the game looking like it´s played on a very old TV or it looks like a VHS type. So, over-saturated/too bright areas, RGB-glitches, black stripes across the screen, blurry, etc. How could I acchieve that? Just creating an overlay will be good...
  19. SumRndmDde

    SV Overlay Upgrade (add/edit SV Overlay Animations for your States!)

    SV Overlays Upgrade (version 1.00) by SumRndmDde   Intro: This is probably the greatest thing I've created in my life. What This Plugin Does: This Plugin allows the user to add more Overlays than the default ones provided. Overlays are the animations that are played on the Battler when they...
  20. Parallax Panda

    Parallax Performance and Grid sizes

    Hello, Some questions here regarding parallax mapping, changing default grid size and performance. Since I ask these questions in relation to each other I post them all in the same thread. Q.1 Is it possible to use more than one parallax background at the same time at this present moment (I...

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