1. Kaus

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

        Download Plugin  v1.11 By: Kaus   ADD ONS: (March 15, 2016) NEW! Kaus Sprite Fixes v1.0 - DOWNLOAD SNIPPET Kaus Sprite Fixes Plugin helps display sprites correctly. Fixes: -Jittering Parallax Background on Smooth Cameras (the 1 pixel glitch between...
  2. Hakuryo

    More State overlay

    What does The plugins do?  The main goal of this plugin is to provide the possibility to add more state overlay than the default set. To add a new overlay put a new line in the State.png file located in YourGameFolder/img/sytem/ Then use <STATE ANIMATION: x> in the note of a state and replace...
  3. [RMVXAce] Low Health In-Game Effect

    Hey there! I've been messing around with RPGMaker VX Ace for awhile now and I seem to have got stuck on an idea. I wish to have an effect play over the screen when the main characters health is low. Now, I don't mean in battle, but when the character walks around in game. I imagine a heart beat...
  4. Sprite Overlay System Discussion

    Hey guys, I'm Sudtrap. I'm a long time Rpgmaker user, and have an okay amount of ruby scripting experience . (First post :) ) Anyway, I'm interested in coding a sprite overlay system in Rpgmaker XP. A sprite overlay system is one that displays multiple overlapping layers of sprites. This...
  5. DShroom

    Get map HUD to always show over overlay (Parallax) [ACE]

    Hi all I am using the Xail System Map HUD script on a current project - http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/2394-xs-map-hud/ It works great and looks really good, only downside is it appears under my overlay layer for Parallax mapping (for which I am using Yami's Overlay script), so in a forest...
  6. Tsukihime

    Picture Anchors

    This script introduces the concept of "picture anchors". An anchor is a tool that fixes an object to a certain position. A picture anchor functions the same way: it fixes the picture to a certain position. By default, pictures are anchored to the screen. This is why no matter where you move...
  7. rubensolid

    Problem with Animated Parallax and Overlay mapping

    Hi everybody! I am starting in parallax mapping and i'd like to use the script animated parallax but i need overlay images and i dont know how to do this with the Modern Algebra scrip (this one http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=44635.0). I only know how to animate a parallax but not how to...
  8. nanokan

    Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

    BIG UPDATE   For question and Requests in my Profil i hate it when you question here and spamm the topic  Pls don't do that For non-Comercial and Comercial @Enterbrain Edit by Nanokan Pixels by Nanokan   often Question Wood Pack Future Pack  City and Tower Pack Lava Pack desert Pack Blue Ice...
  9. Standing below overlay with a tall sprite

    Hi, I'm using a tall sprite from one of the High Fantasy resource packs and I've created a parallax map with an overlay using Yami's overlay mapping script. My character appears behind the overlay as he should when standing behind it, but when he moves in front of / below the overlayed section...
  10. Parallax/Overlay Map Passability

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to this but I'm trying to make my game the best it can be (obviously) and I've just successfully imported a parallax map with an overlay on VX Ace using Omega's Map Saver and Yami's Overlay Mapping Script. At the moment everything is passable. My character walks over...
  11. Neon Black

    Large Sprite ☆ Display Fix

    Large Sprite ☆ Display Fix Created by Neon Black What is it? So Ace has this slight issue with tilesets when using larger sprites which causes all star tiles to appear above the character, even if it makes more sense that the character appear above a star tile (ie. a tree).  What this script...
  12. Zerphoon

    Yami's Overlay Mapping Not Working Properly PLEASE HELP.

    For starters, I have looked at various tutorials. I appear to be doing the same thing they are, however for the life of me I cannot get a simple parallax layer to show up. The ground layer and Parallax layer ARE NOT showing up. The map layer is set to all transparent tiles (with O being valid...
  13. Candacis

    Victor's Fog Script and displaced overlay images

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem with Victor's Fog and Overlay Script. My screen resolution is 640x416 and I have a fog/overlay that is 640x416 as well. It's basically a dark border around the edges of the screen. I set it up so that the overlay is not moving, that works. But right now the...
  14. Petite Elite

    Overlay Mapping Screen Tint Issue

    Hello, everyone. I've noticed this issue has been brought up a few times before, however, I have yet to find a fix for my specific issue. I'm currently using Yami's Overlay mapping script, and I recently discovered that changing the screen tint effects the overlay images differently from the...
  15. Levi

    Parallax Scripts / Which one to use?

    I'm not sure if this should be in the Scripts forum or not... but I figure it goes here as it's kind of a "Support" question. I'm interested in trying out parallax mapping... but I've found four scripts and don't know which is best for me. I've never done parallax mapping. I'm interested...

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