1. tale

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite - Tiny Overworld Sprites

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite ( 2015/12/18 Ver.1.01 ) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Characters sprites appears tiny in the overworld similar to overworld of Chrono Trigger. Features - Tiny characters sprites in overworld. - If file name include "noAdjust", no adjusting character sprite...
  2. Globe-Like Overworld Map or Classic Flat Overworld Map?

    I have been messing around with RPG Maker MV for a little bit and I think I am ready to move on to seriously making things for it. Before I begin, I wanted to start off with the world map, and to make it feel more like you're traversing the whole world I had vertical and horizontal loop on...
  3. tale

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx (Status in Level Up Message)

    MKR_LevelUpMessageEx - 1.0.2 2016/10/15 Creator name: Mankind Overview Status will be displayed in a message window when level up. Features: - Message window will show actor's status has changed during level up message. - Plugin parameters to control the display of status. (ON = to show, OFF...
  4. Esjitu

    Overworld Train Tracks

    Something I threw together for myself, but felt I may as well share. These are based on the wooden bridge tile from World_B, recolored and mixed with the gravel tile from World_A2. The corner and intersection pieces aren't great, but I tried. Also includes little end pieces because I didn't like...
  5. CalebW

    Floating / Flying sprites

    Hello everyone. Is there a easy way with the movement system to tell a sprite to float or fly continously? What I would like to do is program birds flying in the air on the overworld map, however my only thought was using the jump command in the custom movement. Any thoughts?
  6. SirFency

    Large map into small maps

    I have a fairly large world that is much larger than the 256 limitations. I was thinking of breaking it up into small sections like the first legend of Zelda or Dink Smallwood. Is there a way to build the map large then break it into small sections? Or should I be building small sections? The...
  7. SmolJoltik

    [MV] Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei Side-View

    I am looking for someone who can make sprites of Jack Frost, the the most adorable and most powerful demon from Atlus' SMT series. I would appreciate sideview battler and walking/damaged overworld sprites. Don't ask why I want a Jack Frost as a playable character. Resource Type: Sideview...
  8. Cah

    Overworld creature cries

    I'm making an ABS game, and I would like it to have overworld creature cries similar to how Pokemon Sun/Moon has the cries of the local Pokemon on the overworld. Essentially what I would like to happen is when the player goes to a new map all the currently spawned creature events will play...
  9. NatuElChido

    How can i make Moving Platforms?

    Hello everyone! :) Basically, what I want to do is make a platform that moves at a constant frequency. But this one can take you over it and you can get out of them when you're near a floor where you can walk there. I have made this video to show more clearly how I want this behavior to be...
  10. Quanee

    QMovement + QMCollisionMap

    Hello there, I'm currently working on a game that would play out similiar to Chrono Trigger. I'm using plugins mentioned above - QMovement and QMCollisionMap. So far I haven't really stumbled across any issues besides my overworld design. The map I'm planning to use is way too big and heavy for...
  11. CogSentient

    Does anyone have a Ursaring Overworld Character?

    I need a overworld character of Ursaring for RPGXP. I would also be fine with a Brown Bear, (that happens to walk and stand on 2 legs.) I cant pay for anything, so im mostly just asking if someone already has one made.
  12. Health based overworld events

    I can't seem to figure out a way to make it so that if you only have "1 hp or less" then an event activates in the overworld.
  13. Nitrogue

    Custom Make Overworld

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of working on an RPG game similar to Pokemon/Zelda/Earthbound, whereby the player is able to move from one town to a route and then to a forest seamlessly without having to step on a tile to get transported to a specific map. In other words, there is no switching...
  14. JardsonJean

    Overworld Mapping [MV/VX ACE] - Open for Requests

    Hi guys, my name is Jardson. I'm from Brazil and I now getting requests for creating Overworld maps. I'm into creating huge, sprawling maps using the default resources from RPG Maker MV. I try to use the vanilla resources to their fullest and I really like to get lost into making those beasts...
  15. JardsonJean


    After spending a lot of time creating a huge map for RPG Maker VX Ace, I decided to make another one, this time with MV. This overworld map is loosely based on Earth and follow the "Skyrim approach" with open fields, castles, cities, towers, fortresses, ruins, mines, caves and everything in...
  16. HelperToHero

    Trouble Making a Sound Play Upon Key Press

    Hello! I'm trying to add a feature to my game where the player will press the Z key while on the field and it will play a clown honk sound. A honk button. I managed to get it working, sort of, but it only works when you press the D key (rather than Z) and only actually plays sometimes. Does...
  17. HappyCrover

    Using equipment in the overworld

    Hello! If someone can help me with this it would be awesome: I have different "weapons" that can be equipped by the player. (Who am I kidding. They just farm tools lol) I have it where if you have the right tool equipped, you can interact with the corrosponding event. (Example, when Axe is...
  18. Vis_Mage

    Cute Monster Overworld Sprite

    Howdy!  :) I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with an overworld (character) walking sprite for an unique monster in my game? In particular, I'm looking for a sprite of this little melon cutie: As far as size goes, VxAce style is the preferred sprite size, but...
  19. Cinnamon Dev

    Recomemded world map size

    Hi there, I am developing a medium (40-56 hour gameplay) game and am experiencing some doubt about my world map. While now the map is small and compact part of me wants to add more distance between the starting village and the cities/towns/camps around it. If you have any suggestions for...
  20. The Overworld: Does it Belong in the Past?

    WARNING: The following discussion will almost certainly contain opinions, especially ones that may differ from your own. If you encounter such an opinion, proper procedure dictates a calm response to prevent an S-Class Moronic Arrogant Dumbie (or MAD) event. I played a lot of old RPG's in my...

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