1. PrideOfTheForbidion

    compo, import your own art?

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone's used compo, thinking about getting it, I'll have a look at the demo latter, though I want to know if you can use it with your own art, I already draw my own manga, but this would be a help if I can use my own art in it
  2. GolfHacker

    GolfHacker's Goodies

    GolfHacker's Goodies These are mostly RTP edits, with a few original graphics thrown in. Terms of Use Time Fantasy These are conversions of the VX Ace Generator face pieces to the Time Fantasy style. Some notes: The VX Ace RTP provides 4 different skin tones for faces. However, the Time...
  3. MattNJ89

    How To Create Your Own Graphics

    I was wondering what tools I would need to get for my computer to create my own graphics? Would Adobe Illustrator work? Are there any tutorials on this site, or online, for creating RPG Maker graphics?
  4. PandaMaru

    Maru's Resource-Collection

      My english isn't good and my native language is german. I'm sry, I give my best! I make a lot of Edits of RTP-Tiles and a little bit of own staff. Someone might know it as resource of Wolfsmutter/Penera/SchwarzeNacht - that's also me. Credits goes to PandaMaru. Terms of Service: I...

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