1. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Need help on fixing character page cycling in status menu with Q & W keys

    Hi! I'm currently using Yanfly's YEP_StatusMenuCore and YEP_SkillCore plugins, along with the YEP_EquipCore plugin. What works: When the player opens up their in-game menu and goes to Equip (YEP_EquipCore), they see four options: Equip, Customize, Optimize, Clear If they hover over an option...
  2. DragonSkills99

    Autorun Event once to change event image

    Hey Community, I'm currently developing a farming game. As far as now the stats are saved in a SelfVariable, now I wan't the event to load the specific image of the crop and then do nothing, but I can't you change the eventpage, cause then it's removing the image. If I leave the page open it...
  3. Nightblade50

    Variable vs Variable comparison on Event Pages!

    Wow, this sounds really good! I would love to see this! I voted "Yes".
  4. San

    Name Imput - How to disable Symbols and the "Page" button?

    Please! Any help is appreciated :( Edit: *input
  5. Bug: Animation not firing with uneven "wait" timers

    I believe I have found a strange bug, but hopefully I'm just stupid and you can point out to me what I'm doing wrong. Plugins: The bug happens regardless of plugins being used or not. Bug Explanation: The bug is this: If I have several events set to trigger from one Switch, and those...
  6. CriticalCrazy

    Event Page Problems

    I'm new to RpgMaker VX ACE, and I am confused as to how I'm supposed to have a walking NPC, with a move route, but have the clear roof above them as well. For the NPC page, I have through, and walking anim enabled, along with parallel process. For the clear roof page, I have through, walking...
  7. Pumamori

    "Page" Feature botched up Formatting

    Good day everyone. I've edited my presentation to Astralon, so it includes the latest downloadlink, however, I apparently botched up the entire post by using that "page" feature that was introduced with new software. I can't seem to get rid of it at all and now my entire post vanished. When...
  8. Felix Trapper

    Disable 'Page' button in Input Name Processing

    I would like to limit the Input Name Processing to just the first page of standard font characters. In fact, the font I'm using has none of the characters seen on the 2nd page, so when you click 'Page', it just goes to a blank screen. This looks really unprofessional. I would like to disable...
  9. MeowFace

    Start New Game from Load Scene

    Made for a request here. This script allows the player to start a new game inside a Load Scene. Features: Able to start new game in load scene How to Use: [1] Paste this script below Material and Above Main [2] Change the "Start New Game" text in the script's setting area to whatever you...

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So the number one complaint I get so far is the levels are simply too large. What's funny is in testing I deemed levels taking too long and actually shortened them. Figuring I could beat them in 5-6 minutes so players would be able to do so in probably double that. I was apparently very mistaken, only one player has mentioned even reaching the second area. Let alone the first boss. :kaoswt:
I don't believe it. I actually did some proofreading in my game - and fixed some grammar errors! I feel so accomplished, knowing I can actually proofread my own writing!
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How do I get the new version of the character creator? Thank you in advance!

I fixed the lips and noses for MZ! The files have been updated.

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