1. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Need help on fixing character page cycling in status menu with Q & W keys

    Hi! I'm currently using Yanfly's YEP_StatusMenuCore and YEP_SkillCore plugins, along with the YEP_EquipCore plugin. What works: When the player opens up their in-game menu and goes to Equip (YEP_EquipCore), they see four options: Equip, Customize, Optimize, Clear If they hover over an option...
  2. p0_boy

    Event Creation in JS

    Hello, everybody- I am working on a script where I am trying to create a new Event during gameplay: $._bago = function() { var template_id = 0; // default- blank event template if (arguments.length != 0) template_id = Number(arguments[0]); // get event template...
  3. Sniijen

    Read a book, switch pages

    Hello ! So, I've been thinking this through and I'm having some difficulties. I would love to make kind of an "interactive manual". In the inventory, there would be a book item for the player to read whenever they need to. I've figured how to present it (pre-made pictures etc), but I don't know...
  4. Tsukihime

    Custom Page Conditions

      Events are a collection of pages. Depending on which page is active, the event will appear and behave differently. To determine which page is active, a set of page conditions are used. If all page conditions are met, then that page can be activated. By default, RPG Maker provides 5 different...
  5. Lisarda

    Switch back to the very first event page

    Hello:) So I am working on a HM like game and have sucsessfully added chickens and made eggs I can collect every other day :) But I am having problems with the planting aspect. I have managed (with timers and variables etc.) to make turnips and salad grow and wither if not watered. My...
  6. Sel Feena

    [Ace] Iterating through an Event's Pages and updating content

    Hello, This may be a bit of a strange one, though I think it could be useful in certain situations. I have downloaded and am experimenting with Yanfly's Spawn Event script. This works great, except for certain entries in the spawned Event's Pages. Any command entered into the Event's Pages via...
  7. Tsukihime

    Custom Page Conditions

    This script allows you to add custom page conditions to your events using comments and conditional branches. You can add an unlimited number of custom page conditions as long as your event page has room for more commands. A "page condition" is a condition that determines whether the page will...

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