1. How to create moving panorama background?

    Hi! I want to create moving panorama background using hdri images. For example I want to create something like in Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder game. Is it possible using VNM? Also I'm absolute zero in scripting, so can anyone help me somehow? :) I found this video: And this...
  2. Jaiden

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock By Jaiden Introduction This is a script that I've used to enhance XP's mapping even further. It allows for an additional fog that is exclusive to the map ID instead of the tileset, plus an additional two fogs: one drawn as a "lightmap" to add lighting effects and one...
  3. Sick-_-boys

    Having problems with Transferring Images for the bg

    So for a while, this wasn't a problem but it's interfering with like what I'm doing. Alright, so I have this image for a background, Its the right size, its "256 colors", and it's a bmp file... but apparently when I try to import the file it says the coloring isn't "256 colors". I have remade...
  4. nekozneko

    [RMXP] How to lock panorama on only one map

    (hi! this is my first post and also the first time ever i join a forum, so sorry in advance if there are some rules/manners that i unintentionally disrespect;; also sorry for my english!! ) this is my first rpg maker project and i use rpg maker XP, and i am not skilled in scripts. ive spent...
  5. mightydarkchocolate

    Panorama view through the windows of inner map tileset

    The window tileset in most inner maps are either white or bland. And even there is a view within it, you can’t change the view in the way you like or wish to. So, ever wonder how to have a panorama view like starlight view or mount view through the window? & you can even use switch control to...

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