1. Assistance with Parallax mapping

    My friend and I am making maps using photoshop, and we have yet to figure out how to make water move or layer maps. A lot of Youtube tutorials are kind of difficult to understand and we are looking for help on making water not look like a painting. Anyone have ideas?
  2. Jacklyisanoob

    parallax tileset

    https://pixanna.nl/products/ancient-dungeons-base-pack/ hey im resizing some ace tiles for mv and in the pack and there is one called parallax, i thought it was 768 x 768 like the B to E tiles but turns out its not an B to E tile so i have no idea what the size will be for mv or where i would...
  3. Praygon

    Best Parallax Plugin? (2020)

    Hello everyone, So basically title, I've worked with RPG maker a lot in the past but I'm fairly new to MV and parallax mapping so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed on what plugin to get since I'm so late to the party. A quick youtube search revealed some very impressive parallax maps made using the...
  4. Azar

    What plugins do you use for parallaxes?

    Recently just go back into RPG Maker MV after a 6-month hiatus and I'm finding that all the old plugins I used for Parallaxes are no longer working for me (BindPicturesToMap, OrangeOverlay). I was wondering what is the best way to add parallax overlays in the engine now.
  5. HikariHason

    urgent help!! parallax map

    soo I just got started using RPG maker mv, everything is still new for me so plsss help I wanted to use the bind pictures to map plugin, I drew my image and when I uploaded to the map it just duplicated in four images I used the original rpg maker map image as base so it shouldn't be happening...
  6. Blurry Paralax

    Hello i make a paralax on my map, and it looked can of blurry then the original. I saw some post, it said that this is a bug in 1.0.1 but my rpg mv is 1.5.1 Is there any fix to this? EDIT Screenshot:
  7. Tonko

    Tried 4 different scripts for camera Zoom, none of the worked properly

    Hello there. I am an RPG Maker VX Ace newbie, and I am having some trouble with my current project. The thing is that I want the camera to be much closer to the character, and the only way I can do that is with scripts. I tried with four different scripts, and each of them gave me a different...
  8. Xuwboss

    looking for an artist

    Could someone help me in the right direction with this? I'm looking for an artist to make an MV style top down drawing of 2 stadiums that I want to include in my game. I've posted in related groups on Facebook but no-one has responded.
  9. tomoki

    parallax mapping

    Does anyone have the Yanfly or Hanzo Kimuras scripts with demos or instructions? I used to have it and then it got lost.
  10. deathsia

    What images sizes work with rpg maker MV for paralax mapping?

    Like for example: what's the smallest size you can make a paralax map and it still fit within the grid that rpg maker MV uses? A few dimensions examples would be great. Another question I have is: Is it it possible to resize a parallax map that was originally made for VX Ace so that it...
  11. Dieucra

    I think i messed up with paralax...

    So i'm trying out paralax and decided to make random room for learning purposes, I copied the picture, etc.....etc......, in Photoshop i added lights and shadows. Ok, imported the image room in parallaxes carpet, Map properties, selected the parallax in graphic, marked "show in editor" set...
  12. wrigty12

    Need a Large Spiderweb Paralax

    Does anyone have a large parallax spiderweb I could use? I mainly just need a spiderweb on a black background.

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