1. Scorps

    SERVICE Puzzle Maker/Mapper/Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hello! I'm Scorps, 27 years old, speaking English and German. I offer my service as a (parallax) mapper and/or puzzle maker for any Rpgmaker MV project(incl. 18+ and "Collectathon"). If you work with VXA, i will only do parallax maps. Below are pictures of parallax maps I made in the past and a...
  2. Assistance with Parallax mapping

    My friend and I am making maps using photoshop, and we have yet to figure out how to make water move or layer maps. A lot of Youtube tutorials are kind of difficult to understand and we are looking for help on making water not look like a painting. Anyone have ideas?
  3. Joporai124

    Paralax Tiles: How to use them

    Hey dudes/dudets I've been with the rm series since xp and keep hearing lots about Paralax Mapping but how exactly are you suppose to use paralax tiles I haven't found anywhere where it explains how to use them and I am curious as I here its better to use. so can anybody help me please. :)

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