parallax map help

  1. turbobumblepuppy

    Help with lighting effects in Gimp for Parallax Mapping

    Apologies if this is a repeat of a previous question, but I've searched and haven't seen anything on this exactly. I'm trying to learn how to parallax map, and it's going reasonably well, but the next step is to learn how to get cool lighting effects for darker indoor scenes, underground...
  2. Flashing red light

    Okay, so I'm testing to see if my parallax works on the map before continuing to draw it. I tried it, and it does work fine, except that whenever i walk around, the screen sometimes flashes red. But on an actual tile-set, it works fine.
  3. Parallax mapping with taller sprites

    Hi! I'm making a game in rpgmaker mv with one of the party members being 4 blocks tall. I used BindPicturesToMap for parallax imaging and it works when my characters are behind the object but when I go in front of it, the character gets cut off. Is there a plugin or script i can use so that the...
  4. AmieLK

    Parallax Mapping and the Starting Position

    Hi all! So I've gotten into parallax mapping, and thus far it works great. I have no issues with player mobility, binding the picture to the map, etc etc. It all works just fine. The issue is that when I set the player's starting position anywhere where the starting framing wouldn't be the top...
  5. Chelly

    Bigger size parallax mapping?

    Hey there, Just as my title says, here's my issue. I usually do parallax mapping for my game and I then use an invisible tile to allow my player to walk in that map. I tend to keep it as small as possible but I have a particular map that needs to be 25x13 so it's slightly bigger than the...

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