parallax map

  1. PaulaCucumberuwu

    Problems with Orange overlay.

    I'm trying to make a parallax map in rpg maker mv with orange overlay, but when I turn off "Quickstart", the "Par" layer Disappears and the only thing there is is the "Ground" layer :/ Could someone help me?
  2. Quimey

    SERVICE Mapper / Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hi, there! I am here to offer my services as a mapper for any RPG Maker MV project. I enjoy working with Parallax Mapping, and despite I'm not the best mapper out there, I consider myself very good at map design. Here are some examples of the latest maps I've made: I use the Parallax...
  3. parallax map

    hey there, i was wondering why is my map not fixed i made a map from a picture and made sure the each tile is 32x32 but when i play the game i spawn in a different location n i cant walk around it as it should be (P.S. i used empty tiles for accessibility and its tiles B and i made sure the...
  4. Chelly

    Bigger size parallax mapping?

    Hey there, Just as my title says, here's my issue. I usually do parallax mapping for my game and I then use an invisible tile to allow my player to walk in that map. I tend to keep it as small as possible but I have a particular map that needs to be 25x13 so it's slightly bigger than the...
  5. ForestLogic

    So what's the standard that most people use for parallax mapping layers now?

    I've been using Galv's Layer Graphics for my parallax maps for a while now, but I run into little bugs with it every once in a while and he said he isn't supporting that plugin anymore. What plugin would people recommend for doing parallax maps besides his? Ideally one that plays well with...
  6. catc0617

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Okay, I hope I'm posting in the correct section for this... Is it possible, via script or otherwise, to have a mutli-layer parallax map in VX Ace? For example, if I made a layer for the ground (below player), for furniture (same as player), and for overhead objects (above player), is there...
  7. Dungeonmind

    Having trouble with Parallax image not displaying right in game [MV]

    Hi as the title says. I am having a problem with parallax images not showing right in game. It stops the character from going the full-map even though I have added up the parallax map size and parallax image size correctly with MV's 48x48 grid and made sure. Here's an image of where the...
  8. Parallax layers loading unevenly when changing maps

    I'm using the Bind Picture to Map plugin to use my parallax maps (which are just a bottom parallax and a single overlay for shadows and light sources). They work great, only they do not always load at the same time when switching maps. When my player goes to a new map the shadow/light overlay...
  9. Binding pictures to map fade problem

    Hey guys, first time posting, so I hope you don't mind me cutting straight to the chase I'm trying to make a little cave with a hidden little area for a secret chest. Basically a hallway and one part where you can go through the south wall and then that part fades in. I've been trying to do...
  10. KingOfFoxz

    Parallax Mapping Help Needed! :D

    I followed a parallax mapping tutorial and everything worked on the map I needed it to. But when I went to another map the overlay followed to the new map. I am confused on how to solve this. The plugins I am using are bind picture to map. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  11. Returning after a year, can't for the life of me remember how to parallax map

    Hey, the title kind of says it all. I know there are heaps of older guides, but I really don't know what plugin to use to get the effects I want. Main things I need are 3 layers, and I want my character to be able to be drawn in front of the rock if approaching it from below, but the rock to be...
  12. Moon-Lilith Nguyen

    RMVXA Faceless (Demo)

    - This is the English translation of Faceless demo 1.2 - Developers: KC.Aurigrids - Translator: Aya, Han, Miki. - STORY - A story in demo start with a little girl, waking up late in a toy-filled daycare, the little girl hurriedly heads back her home as soon as she can. Throughout her way...
  13. Gustavo_Br

    Help with Parallax Map

    Hey guys, whats up? So, I'm having some problems with parallax mapping and hope someone could help me. First, this is the full map. Its a village and was made on photoshop and in the RPG Maker.  I separated into two parts as I saw in a tutorial video: the ground and the roof, and the full...
  14. Sinweaver

    Sin's Parallax Mapping Workshop [CLOSED FOR UNKNOWN PERIOD]

    As part of my quest to make better maps, I am offering my service to the community to help people with their game maps for free. I do fantasy/medieval related maps. Anything sci-fi/futuristic is not for me. I personally don't like them. I am also very fussy when it comes to the...
  15. Parallax Mapping Help - Player wont move!

    I've begun tinkering around with parallax mapping and so far I've been able to solve all of the problems I've had; but now I think I've hit a wall.   I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong here but my player wont move when I start the play through of the game.  I currently have three scripts...

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