parallax mapping mv

  1. PaulaCucumberuwu

    Problems with Orange overlay.

    I'm trying to make a parallax map in rpg maker mv with orange overlay, but when I turn off "Quickstart", the "Par" layer Disappears and the only thing there is is the "Ground" layer :/ Could someone help me?
  2. goldrat1

    Khas Ultra Lighting and Parallax Mapping incompatible / lighting 'glitch'

    Hi, RPGMaker Forums, I've been using Khas's Ultra Lighting, and it's stunning, but I noticed that the lighting doesn't affect the overlay pictures that I'm showing from my parallax maps on the 'Above Player' level. Below are some examples of this: These are parts of the map that go over the...
  3. Hmichelle

    Parallax mapping help

    So I started parallax mapping on rmmv and one of my maps is 40x40 but I'm not sure how to can I fit the whole image to Photoshop. Is it possible or do I have to reduce the size of the map?

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