parallax mapping

  1. RMMV Orange Overlay not working with save game

    Hey I have a Problem with orange overlay Plugin. Everything works fine if I playtest a "new game" but if I load a save, the overlays dont show up. I tried it with Mapnotes and with parallel Event in the Game, but it's always the same Problem - New Game shows everything like it is supposed to...
  2. PaulaCucumberuwu

    Problems with Orange overlay.

    I'm trying to make a parallax map in rpg maker mv with orange overlay, but when I turn off "Quickstart", the "Par" layer Disappears and the only thing there is is the "Ground" layer :/ Could someone help me?
  3. Parallax Panda

    Parallax Mapping - center a picture?

    Like the title says, I'm having problem centering a picture onto a map. I've tried the two most obvious solutions, being setting the picture at 0,0 (upper left corner). That would've worked in MV but it doesn't in RM2K3. Then I tried dividing the picture size by 2 and setting the picture that...
  4. Sleepy Kitten Games

    How to make maps using QMap

    This tutorial covers my method of making maps using QMap. This is not the "only" or "right" way, this is just my method. For those not familiar with QMap, it's an external map editing tool that lets you define collision for the map objects as well as conditions. It is made to work with...

    Issues with bigger maps when parallax mapping (TDDP_BindPicturesToMap)

    Hello! I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place, this is my first time here I tried my best to find another thread about the issue, but a lot of stuff is outdated/doesn't cover my issue I wanted to start making parallax maps with overlays and stuff because there's not much I can do with a...
  6. JayIsrael

    Alternative to Orange Overlay plugin

    Hey guys, I am using RPG Maker MV. I wanted to learn parallax mapping, so I watched a long tutorial, that had suggested using the bind images plugin - however, I learned that not only does that plugin apparently suck up a ton of memory, but also – it seems to no longer exist. Or at least, I...
  7. OcRam

    OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    Introduction: I have tried to make this plugin as light-weighted as possible. You have 3 layers to play around with auto-fading, transparency and possibility to scroll (horizontal/vertical/both) and/or bind layer to map or screen. In addition you get possibility to add sprites to 3 different map...
  8. Moefongo

    Parallax mapping help

    So I started parallax mapping on rmmv and one of my maps is 40x40 but I'm not sure how to can I fit the whole image to Photoshop. Is it possible or do I have to reduce the size of the map?
  9. JRand

    Game Stuttering During Movement After Map Transfer [+].

    Hopefully this is the correct location for this. 1) My game seems to have some stuttering during movement. I'm using somewhat large parallax images (one map, for instance, is 2400x2880, or 50 by 60 in the map properties) instead of tiles because I wanted a custom look (and I can do graphic...
  10. Puffer

    Parallax Mapping script for VX?

    Hello, I'm looking for a parallax mapping script for RPG Maker VX. I have spend some time searching on Google but most the result are for VX Ace and some VX script I found are all dead. So I hope if anybody have parallax mapping script for VX can send it to me. Also, if you can then I'm also...
  11. catc0617

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Okay, I hope I'm posting in the correct section for this... Is it possible, via script or otherwise, to have a mutli-layer parallax map in VX Ace? For example, if I made a layer for the ground (below player), for furniture (same as player), and for overhead objects (above player), is there...
  12. How to give impression of a window on a side wall?

    Recently I've been disigning the first few areas of my RPG on photoshop and I need to add some light sources to one of my areas specifically an apartment. I can't find anywhere to place my windows except on the side walls but I'm not sure how to do this on photoshop. I've marked with red arrows...
  13. Akrib

    Cache and garbage collection

    Hello everyone, I've searched almost everywhere but couldn't find any deeper explanations on the function of the cache and garbage collection of the rpgmaker (mv). I am currently working on a project which relies heavily on the use of parallaxes and overly images. Because of this it is very...
  14. Tonko

    Restrict movement directions with YEP Region Restrictions?

    Hello there. Today I started a new project, and I have already made two maps using Parallax mapping, using Galv's Layer Graphics for the overlay, the built-in parallax system for the ground and YEP Region Restrictions for making the player and the events able to walk. But there is a problem...
  15. KiraK320

    RPGMaker VX parallax?

    Hey this is my first post and I'm terribly sorry if this isn't the right place but... I really want to make a horror game! I feel as though I could best create a creepy, well put together atmosphere if I could make parallax maps. I currently have Hanzo Kimura's ultimate parallax mapping script...
  16. dbchest

    Parallax Mapping

    let us pretend we created a new project and removed all of the plugins that are installed into the project by default. let us pretend we wanted to integrate parallax mapping into this project. i would like to discuss the key components a programmer should consider when designing a plugin to...
  17. Adassio Studios

    RMMV Dystopia [Game in Development]

    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] P.D Twitter's up in case any of you want to follow the updates of the game with more frequency! Heads up for Dystopia and upcoming news!~
  18. pixel_hannah

    Problem with "transfer player" events (moving from map to map)

    Hey there! I'm new to RPG Maker and I've been having a problem with allowing the player to move from one map to the other. I'm making a side scroller, and I want the player to be able to walk to the end of one map, and go straight to the other map (so it's like walking into the next room). I've...
  19. walkinthru

    FREE Yu-gi-oh Axiom [Fanmade Yu-Gi-Oh SRPG Game] In need of Parallax mapper, and Skill Animator.

    Hello and welcome to my small project Titled Yu-Gi-Oh Axiom. I've refrained from posting anything about it since in terms of gameplay there isn't much to show but I need all the help I can get. Welcome to Genesis...
  20. Overlay Mapping Question

    Hello. I don't use the forums often so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've recently decided to do parallax mapping instead of only using tilesets, and as such I've learned about overlay mapping. From what I've searched online, I've only been able to find Yami's scripts for overlay...

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