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  1. IAmJakeSauvage

    Parallax Mapping (with Lighting/Shadows)- 4 Part Video Series

    Parallax Mapping (Work Flow)/Easy Object Shadows/Lighting & Shadows This is a good place to start if you're looking to learn a little bit more about PSD organization - and how to add a little extra to your parallax maps! I'll go over... Different Types of Shadows Lighting Effects & Color...
  2. parallax mapping problem?!

    I made in gimp an picture for my parallax map (960x640 px). And I import it to my rpg make vx ace/ graphics/ parallaxes map but everytime I load my level only the left size of my parallax map is shown. It doesn't matter if I chance my map properties, only the left side is shown. can someone help...
  3. How to start to prettify maps? (Parallax and Doodads)

    Hi, I have a question about making maps look prettier. I am starting to try and flesh maps out a bit more to make them look a little less rigid and from what I can tell people use parallax mapping. I use GIMP and the interface is simple enough, although I only really use cut, paste...
  4. Xev

    How can I use both Parallax Mapping & Tilesets?

    Hello!  I would like to use both Parallax Mapping and Custom Tilesets together.  I saw on another forum someone accomplished this using one other the earlier RPG Makers (VX... I think) but they did not mention how.  I am using MV and this is what I have experimented with so far... I am...
  5. Parallax Mapping Hang Up

    Maybe it isn't because I'm Parallax mapping, but it's the only theory I have because this hasn't happened before. When I go to switch in between my games maps, there is a hang up between the maps. It's hard to explain so I put a video showing what happens with this. I was wondering how to...
  6. Tamaki742

    Parallax Mapping issues

    Hey, it's me again. So after resolving my last issue with the plugin Bind Picture to Map, I encounter another one. For some reason the shading layer don't go over everything even though I labeled it as "top", so the items that I label "above_characters" ended up being unshaded. Also I...
  7. Macbeth

    Using a light effect (torch) with parallax mapping

    Greetings knowledgeable people :D i have a question: for my game i'm creating parallaxed maps but i'm having problems finding/using a proper plugin for a single light effect. To make it quick, during the night (the map is entirely created with parallax, night effect included) the main...
  8. Parallax Mapping ! not working?

    Hey all, Sorry to bother.  I am just trying to jump back into RPG Maker MV again but running into a weird issue? I had VX Ace as well, and when I was tinkering with it I started to parallax map and fell in love.  It's effect is powerful. I have been trying to make it work in RPG Maker...
  9. nilson

    Parallax Mapping with Animated Water Tiles in MV?

    Hi all : ) I've done a bit of searching but haven't found the answer for MV - I'm looking to use a mix of hand drawn parallax maps with animated water tiles. The problem I'm finding is that my maps are slightly irregular, and the small details that jut out from the drawing don't meet exactly...
  10. Parallax mapping help

    Hi I need some real newbie help with simple parallax mapping. i know it sounds like taking the easy road, but what im looking for is a very simple setup with 2 or 3 layers (ground / obstacles like trees / light) if its possible that someone can make 1 simple Map with these 3 objects in a...
  11. astracat111

    Want to show (and move) picture relative to map screen, not game screen (parallax mapping)

    Hello there,  In working with pictures in RPG Maker I've recently been frustrated. I'm using RPG Maker MV with the Bind Pictures to Map plugin... I want to make a picture move from one place to another on a map. I'm not entirely sure how to do this. When a picture is bound to a map, it...

    First, how do I download BindPictureToMap plugin? It only shows me a text on github, what am I supposed to do with that? Been working on this project for like 2 weeks now and I just found out about parallax mapping, this is my first map: (if anyone needs the overlay- to help me of course...
  13. Macbeth

    Macbeth's Parallax Mapping Shop

    UPDATED 12/07/2016 (or 07/12/2016 if you're from the U.S.)   "Welcome to my dungeon...where i secretly create worlds for powerful price is your soul! Kekekehehehe!" ---- Getting serious *ah-ehmm* welcome to my PARALLAX MAPPING WORKSHOP! I create maps for your game, any...
  14. Macbeth

    RPG Maker MV Parallax Mapper joins the fray!

    Greetings to all of you! Macbeth from Italy, and it's nice to join this big community. As a very passionate gamer (and old too) i've always had a lot of interest in RPG Maker, and i created something myself to get some practice. Actually i do parallax mapping for VX, VX Ace and MV! It's such...
  15. Derpyrebound

    Parallax Mapping Help (RMVXAce)

    I am in need of some help. I made this cloud map (more of a ground actually) for a cloud village (still thinking about what to do for a cloud forest) and I want the parallax to stay still as my character moves around. I am only having the ground as the parallax because I am not very experienced...
  16. fallenlorelei

    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    Parallax Mapping for Beginners I just finished my first tutorial, a 3-part video series on how to parallax map for RPG Maker MV! If you have any tips for me for future tutorials, let me know =D Thanks! You Will Learn How To... create a unique forest/mountainside map using only the default MV...
  17. Galenmereth

    Bind Pictures To Map

    Introduction Lets you bind the movement of pictures to the movement of the map rather than to the camera, for what is popularly called parallax mapping. Can also be used as additional layer(s) of detail to your normal maps. You can change what “layer” a picture is drawn to, like above or below...
  18. Widen612612

    Events Trouble tales series like Skits

    hi, I need help of something, I made tales of series the skits/chats, i know how to make it and put on events spot but this more kill a enemy count it work but one map doesn't go next map some reason only one map i did put parallax mapping doesn't work either, i doing variables. kind hard for...
  19. Kizami7424

    Parallax Mapping

    Well I just started using Parallax Mapping and already created a map but need help with adding that second layer (Trees) to be on top of the player. I used the show picture option and added that image there but cant seem to stop the image from moving around the screen. Also, Im having a problem...
  20. EliteKilljoy

    Mapping Service

    Hey, everyone. I'm thinking about opening up a workshop, but I need some examples of work I've done first. Since I don't have any examples yet, I'm opening up to help you guys out. No worries! Since I DON'T have examples, you can still ask for a map and if you don't like it, just don't use...

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