1. ivera

    Parallax Not Working in 2k3

    The tiles of the map are equal to the dimensions of the image I want my character to walk on, however no matter what I do, it doesn't work and always shows up as black. Even when I start a new map with the correct dimensions and just place a character spawn point, booting up the game puts me in...
  2. tazzan

    [BUG][RMMV] TDDP_BindPicturesToMap crashing battles, even battle tests

    I use TDDP_BindPicturesToMap for parallax maps, but it seems to crash the game whenever I load up a battle, even battle tests. I've been trying to diagnose this myself but the original documentation site has been taken down. The crash messages aren't the same but they're all similar, essentially...
  3. RMMV How can i adapt day/night system to a parallax map with GALV_LayerGraphics?

    Hello, as title says, im making a game where have day/night system, i have a parallax map for day (base map, and other for shadows above the base map) and then a night parallax map with lights and shadows, but i dont know how can i make it work, how can i make parallax change from 'day shadows'...
  4. Arthran

    Orange Mapshot [MZ]

    OrangeMapshotMZ v1.7 by Hudell (ported by Arthran) Introduction I have ported Hudell's Orange Mapshot plugin over to MZ. This plugin allows you to save your map as an image, which can be useful for parallax mapping (among other things). MZ does have a built-in feature for saving maps as images...
  5. wilpuri

    Parallax foreground objects

    Fellow devs! I remember seeing a plugin and a tutorial how to have parallax scrolling foreground on a map, but now I can’t find it. I don’t mean the parallax mapping, but a way to have objects like trees to be closer to viewer and when you move they scroll at different speed. My maps are made...
  6. How to make animated parallax map?

    Same question, I'm using MZ and trying to find ways to animate my parallax, but can't find any useful info on this since most seems to be using mv plugins instead of mz.. is there an offical guide for this? Please help, thank you !
  7. Fezreonnoerzef

    Commissions on 2D Isometric Parallax Maps Sketch from Scratch

    Greetings and salutations! I'm thinking of opening a shop for making 2D isometric parallax maps from scratch to fund my project. It would only be in the form of handrawn pencil sketches and digitally scanned for now, but if I am able to make enough money I will produce digitally coloured as...
  8. ConnyState

    What's the best way to parallax map?

    I'm interested in parallax mapping my game, I remember how to do it, but I've been wondering if over the years new stuff has come out to make parallaxing easier or more convenient.
  9. Yrythaela

    Two Recommended Plugins for Parallaxing

    If you don't want to watch me just walking around, the two plugins that I recommend are Orange Overlay and Yanfly's Region Restrict.
  10. Yrythaela

    Just did a Parallax Mapping Timelapse on my upcoming game.

    I kinda want to make Parallax Mapping tutorials, but I don't think anyone uses Parallax much? I've been in a lot of places and I've barely seen anyone making maps from Parallax. What do you think?
  11. RPGVeir

    Pixel movement script

    Hello, Im looking for a working pixel movement script which works with parallax maps. It would be best if there was possibility of drawing collision image like in Tsukihime collision maps script, instead of using events/script calls. Are there any for VX Ace?
  12. Sandwalker

    RMMZ Looking for Help: Collission Charakter Sprite (144x144px)

    Hello everybody. It would be awesome, if someone could help me. I would like to have 3 different types of Sprites for my Character (96x96 / Child, 144x96/Adult / 144x144 for Creatures). While i was Parallax Mapping and testing the Map, i found some Issues. I) the Follower are to close II) the...
  13. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV Video as Parallax Background (Playing Motion Backgrounds Below Map & Player)

    ~ The more animated the scene is, the more player attention it can grab. So wouldn't you agree that a video, running in the map's background, can be a great tool for that? ~ What I want to use: a plugin that can run a video, as a parallax background, that the player-sprite can walk on...
  14. ovate

    360 Panorama

    MSPanorama - 2019/09/17 (1.0.1) Creator name: moriya shige Introduction Adds a 360-degree panoramic distant view. This plugin uses Three.js, a library for creating 3D content with WebGL, but does not work with something that don't support WebGL. Features - Parameters to store variable in X or...
  15. ovate

    com_sho Pastel Room Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting tileset image here. It's a lovely pastel-colored furniture tileset. Preview- Room colors are pink and light blue. Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can...
  16. ScorchedGround

    [RMMV] Cloud Shadow Parallax (for foreground)

    Okay, so with my purchase of MZ I stumbled upon this parallax (which is also the reference here): And then I decided to use this parallax in MV in conjunction with VE_FogAndOverlay. It works perfectly well, but I found that the cloud pattern was a little too repetitive. (Looking at the...
  17. Screen overlay transferring to other scenes

    Hi team. I've been working on parallax mapping as well as doodads. The over/underlay scene I made works flawlessly, however when I leave the cave scene, the overlay transfers to the world map. I'm using RPG maker MV 1.6.2, with plugins seen below. There's no parallax picture in the world scene...
  18. Catsquid

    Connected/Seamless Parallax Maps

    So, I've got this pretty big parallax forest. However, it's too big to fit into a single map without expecting lag, so I've broken it into chunks. However, I would like to make it look like it's just one single map. I found this plugin that basically does what I want, except it doesn't work for...
  19. ovate

    com_sho Tileset Packs (compilation)

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting tilesets that I resized for VX/ Ace here. There are 2 packs: mv_rtp and non-rtp mv_rtp folder: - akumu (nightmare) - arabian - dangerous neighborhood - forest - horror_house - horror_house_splatter - kabe (fancy room) - mvtiles (modern...
  20. Background image problem (parallax)

    Hi everyone, I would like information on how to solve a problem. I'm creating a "Word map" layer, and I wanted instead of using tilesets to set a background image in PNG and resize the map to the size of the image, which I did. After that, to allow movement, I created an empty tileset and...

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