1. Background image problem (parallax)

    Hi everyone, I would like information on how to solve a problem. I'm creating a "Word map" layer, and I wanted instead of using tilesets to set a background image in PNG and resize the map to the size of the image, which I did. After that, to allow movement, I created an empty tileset and...
  2. ovate

    com_sho Non-RTP Resource Pack

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting Non-RTP Resource Pack here. Resource Pack include: - Arabian Tilesets - Fancy Room Tilesets - Scenic Parallax - Nightmare Tilesets - Flame/Smoke/Void Sprites - Home, Sweet Village Tilesets - 2 Textures/ Patterns pack - Rural Town Tilesets...
  3. ovate

    [Nidhoggn] Painterly Style Battlebacks (4 Resolutions)

    I'm sharing RPG backgrounds by Nidhoggn here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Total of 10 images with parallax (9), no parallax for XP size 4 sizes are available: 640x320, 580x444, 1104x621, 1000x740 640x320 = RMXP | 580x444 = RMVA | 1104x621 = original |...
  4. T3sCoconuts

    is there a method to turn on a parallax map add on in game?

    trying to work out how to turn a special map add on in game, im trying to make a camp site, that the characters can interact with after its been turned on, though currently i have only managed to make a alternate map that the characters can activate, by using a item, given though i cant work out...
  5. T3sCoconuts

    Parallaxing a larger map?

    Hi all, well i have started doing some parallax maps, though im having a issue with one of the maps, the main city, is rather large, currently set to 92/78 i have thought about splitting it up into several maps or districts, but i have it already split into 4 lots given different base tile sets...
  6. 610jester

    parallax map resolution size problem

    Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble getting my parallax map to work with a higher screen resolution. I am aware that the limit for rmvxace, is 640x480, but I am using gab Σ Fullscreen script to bypass that limit, and make my resolution 920x680. This is the resolution I'm planning everything...
  7. xXEm41lXx

    [RPGMV]Parallax large map

    Hi folks! So I'm trying to make a large map (about 200x200 tiles) using parallax mapping (don't ask me why). The problem is that when I'm using Save as Image command in MV and putting in an image editor, the map is pixelized and the grid isn't accurate. What I need to fix that problem...
  8. RiverbackGames

    Using parallax images over the map tool graphics

    Hi. I'm totally new to RPG Maker, but I have a professional background from other engines. So far I love the simplicity of RPG Maker, but there are just a few minor tweaks that could make the engine shine. Too bad the developer isn't making those changes and we need to do it ourselves.. But at...
  9. Layering Pictures behind Player

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to layer some pictures, basically a background image that scrolls to make it look like the player is driving fast. "Show Picture" Only shows a picture and moves with the player, Parallax only goes in the background, and doesnt seem to have the right effect anyway. I want...
  10. Trying to Bind a Picture to the Map

    Hey everyone, this is one I've researched and cannot find for the life of me. Many people talking about plugins but I just can't find them. All I want to do is display pictures so that they don't move with the camera, but rather overlay on the map and stay in place. Like parallax mapping I...
  11. Xyonel

    suggestion about how to animate waters in parallaxes?

    the title tell everything ;D just propose different method and argue about those, in order to get the most memory and cpu efficient.
  12. Gabbypie64

    GTBS + parallax

    I need a Parallax mod that works with my combat script is the one am using but any will due
  13. EniaCat

    Snowboarding mechanic in RPG MAKER MV.

    Dear people of the forum, I had a question about a certain mechanic that I wanted to use in my game. It's about snowboarding because I had an idea that a character is going to snowboard down in a parallax side view scroller or top-down. The only problem I have is: How can I make the character...
  14. Time Fantasy Parallax

    I'm sorry that i'm creating so many topics about this DLC. But, i wanted a parallax of that mountains in Time Fantasy Style. And please, don't tell me that alredy comes with the DLC...
  15. Moefongo

    Parallaxing problems with Orange overlay

    So I use Orange Overlay for all my parallax stuff but for some reason this has happened. The map is 10 x 10 and honestly I'm very confused These are my settings for the plugin and the map:
  16. Knighteriius

    Diagonal Interior Roofs When Parallax Mapping

    Hey guys, (hopefully this is the right place, I said how do my head and wound up here from the description) I've been really getting into parallax mapping lately, I am finding it a lot of fun. Although I notice a lot of pro mappers start getting really dynamic in their ability to produce...
  17. Codfish

    Day/Night System

    Hey! I'm rather new to RPG Maker and I had this idea for a day/night cycle system. However, it would be really cool if an image overlay was triggered by the time of day that way you could customize the light changes for each map. I know there is a day/night plugin already, but does anybody...
  18. Parallax Panda

    Looking for the ”best” parallax mapping plugin

    I’ve done some parallax mapping before but after many plugin creators have left (or gone into hibernation?), I’m no longer sure which plugin to use for parallax mapping. Since the engine will keep updating, using something that’ll not get updated anymore isn’t a good idea. Worse even of the...
  19. OcRam

    OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    Introduction: I have tried to make this plugin as light-weighted as possible. You have 3 layers to play around with auto-fading, transparency and possibility to scroll (horizontal/vertical/both) and/or bind layer to map or screen. In addition you get possibility to add sprites to 3 different map...
  20. Parallax Lock Not Working

    I have Yanfly's Parallax Lock script, in "Materials" above "Main". I have my map with the parallax background and the tileset with invisible tiles and I've placed <full lock parallax> in the map's notes and I've saved the project. Yet when I open the game or playtest it the parallax continues to...

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