1. DantonSlip

    Parallax mapping

    PARALLAX MAPPING (almost) Hi! I'll share here a simple way to make something that looks like a parallax. It will allow you to make beautiful maps easily! PREREQUISITS: - Photoshop (or Krita, CSP, Gimp, whatever you use to make your assets :LZSsmile: and if it's a first time for you, Krita...
  2. Eliaquim


    Qplus_noTilemap Author Quxios *No longer supported* Introduction Its an edited version from the plugin Qplus.js, made by Quxios; Features Removes all functionality from the original Qplus.js plugin and leaves only the feature of replacing the tilemap with a lighter sprite. It will "remove"...
  3. [Parallaxes, Orange Overlay] How to work with tall sprites?

    My sprites lose their heads walking in front of horizontal, thinner objects. Example: Plugins: Orange Overlay settings: Map 009 notes: <cm:map009col> <ground> <par> <ground> loads my base grass. <par> loads the fence/objects. <cm:map009col> loads the collision. Any idea how I can make...
  4. KanaX

    Yanfly's Core Engine Resize Issue.

    Something similar has been asked before here, with no real answer. I have moved my project to MV from Ace, where I had set my graphics for a 1088x832 resolution. The two plugins that I use for the transition are Shaz's Change Tile Size to regulate the tile size (64x64) and YanfIy's Core Engine...
  5. PixelLuchi

    Crunch's Pixel Resources (Updated: 15/9/16 - Battlers)

    I started a resource thread back in mid-2012 when I was still an active member for VX/VX-Ace resources, but a return means a new thread, I guess. For those of you who don't know me, I was ( and still ) am, known for my gorgeous non-parallaxed maps, and I've written a few tutorials in the VX...
  6. GrandmaDeb

    Apoc's Apocalyptic Parallaxes and BattleBack Edits

    Please use with credit to Apoc, non-commercial use only. BattleBacks
  7. GargoyleMongrel

    [RMVXAce] How to add 2 or more background parallaxes

    I have been lurking this forum for a while and as long as I find a solution I don't usually post (mostly because it would be deemed as necropost), but since two days ago I have been stuck with a problem and I couldn't manage to find the solution anywhere (or to match my question with a close...
  8. RPG_Lover

    RPG_Lover's World of Art

    I am RPG_Lover, And I would like to let everyone know what I used to do back in before it became R.I.P! I enjoyed Editing already made images. That should inform you enough that the images I am about to show you are edited from what I managed to find. I used the RTP of VX images so...
  9. pararellexs picture.

    Oh hello, I need a picture to fill the screen so i was thinking it could be done using parallaxes. So should i do it this way or is there a better way tell me please but what i really need is someone to create an animegirl standing on a cliff. like in the file i add with this "i know epic...
  10. PixelLuchi

    Luchi's Resource gallery ( Updated 23/7/2014 )

    Hello everyone, Luchi here. I thought I'd share with you some resource I've been working on for the last few days. Because we know, you guys want resources more than anything to start creating those games you dream of. ^^ Well, I'm here to help, along with the other wonderful people who share...

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