parallel events

  1. Parallel process event persists between maps?

    Hey there. So uh... I've got this weird issue with a Parallel Process event going on. I'm working on an introduction for a game, featuring a character walking down a road while monologuing in their head. The parallel process event code is extremely simple: This parallel process event is...
  2. OcRam

    OcRam - Parallels plugin [v1.00 updated 2018/04/14]

    Introduction Sometimes autorun events are not enough to do the job. What I ment by that? Usually these events are erased and will not be called again after menu nor battle scene (also will freeze the game if not erased). And then there are parallel events which are executed in EVERY frame (may...
  3. tangedlwebgames

    Multiple Screenwide Animations?

    I'm having an issue with screenwide animations called from events. It seems to me that one screenwide animation will cancel another if they begin on nearly the same frame. I've tested these scenarios: Both start on the same frame = only one shows One starts, then the other starts 1 frame...
  4. Eviticous

    Having Car Problems

    So consider the following (two images). I decided to create a blank scene. NO OTHER EVENTS. Zero. None. Notta. We have the character, two car parts and a parallel event, which you're looking at below: So what are we doing here? Pretty basic. if switch is OFF, car is invisible. If switch is...
  5. Kip

    Parallel Processing Sounds in Battle

    So I have this neat Idea where a player can cast a spell in battle and that spell causes a specific sound to play during battle. But I wanted to go a bit further than just making one single sound byte for the move. What I ended up doing was creating a common event with several "if, then"...

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