parallel process events

  1. parallel process won't always work as intended...

    Hello! So...I have a little issue with a parallel process event: The idea is to make a "stealth run" minigame, where the player must avoid the people's sight view range. The problem is that sometimes the event actually trigger while I move in front of it, while other times I can just walk past...
  2. Danitinkis

    Stop the player from moving during a parallel process.

    In my game, there is a chat group feature, where you push a button and a parallel process starts with the team chatting each other. The thing is that while the start animation of the chat group (adding some image in order with some time), the player would freely move in the map and maybe start...
  3. NightHerald

    Getting a Parallel Process Event To Stop Repeating

    I'm trying to create a day/night cycle that uses pictures to add extra lighting effects. The change between pictures was too abrupt, so I added a parallel process event with many pictures at different opacities to create a smoother transition. But the transition repeats over and over again. I...

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