parallel process

  1. Using Volume Distance Script/Parallel Proces only once every x seconds

    So I ran into a problem not too long ago, and I've looked around on the web but didn't see any solution to my problem (I think). I made a map recently with a waterfall, and I'd like to have the waterfall play a waterfall sound, but I only want it to be hearable when you're close to the...
  2. Nilom

    SetMoveMoute Script for Event [solved]

    Hello everyone! I'm seaching the forums and google up and down to find a working script command for moving events with a parralel process common event. What does not work in my case is everything with " this. ". Because I absolutely need the script call to be in a parallel process. Before I...
  3. tale

    Restart Common Event

    Restart Common -2019/03/12 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Restart parallel common event from the beginning Plugin Command RestartCommon 3 Input common event number after RestartCommon Note: Plugin works for RPG Maker MV version 1.6 or above Credit and Thanks: kido0617 Terms of Use-...
  4. Danitinkis

    Stop the player from moving during a parallel process.

    In my game, there is a chat group feature, where you push a button and a parallel process starts with the team chatting each other. The thing is that while the start animation of the chat group (adding some image in order with some time), the player would freely move in the map and maybe start...
  5. VX Ace Script Running Twice

    I have a script called in a parallel process event that, whenever triggered, runs in its entirety twice before the game moves on. I have tried changing variables in the middle of the script so that it won't trigger again, but it didn't do anything. The script does exactly what it's supposed to...
  6. FishStickMystic

    Move Route Troubles.

    And here I thought move routes were simple... sigh. :LZSbleh: Here's my problem. I need this kid to leave right after you talk to him. However, all he does is look right and stay still. I have no idea why this is not working. Here's the "main" event that makes everything go: Here's the kid's...
  7. Sauteed_Onion

    Various questions on parallel processes(MV)

    Ok I'm learning the basics in a reasonable way for me, so far.. but I'm wondering, what are they and why do I need Parallel Processes. I understand they are taxing on the machine and make the game "lag", but "why?" is what I want to know. Also what exactly is the point of a parallel process...

    Edit: Solved, sorry
  9. Doktor_Q

    Leaving the menu back to a dialog choice crashes

    If you open a choice (specifically, the "show choice" event), then open the menu screen using a parallel process, RPGMaker crashes upon closing the menu. Replicated in a clean project, minimalist example here, using only vanilla events. Talk to the NPC, and while the choice is showing press...
  10. Violet

    Is this the best way to stop my parallel process?

    I have a parallel process to hide a tile if the player happens to explore a certain map too early. After the player has gone through this part of the game, it goes to a blank event page permanently. But until that part of the game, I do want the process to run every time they enter the map...
  11. Actor cannot move

    Hey guys, I have searched the forums here and cannot find an answer to my specific problem. I have a city map that has some people that walk around while you are on the map. They are all set to parallel process and when you first enter the map a small event autoruns and ends after a few seconds...
  12. Parallel Process won't consistently set event location?

    I have a problem when trying to set an event location via parallel process. The intended purpose of my script is to test the player's location, then, if the player is standing within a certain range, place an arrow icon to indicate a nearby area of interest.  When the player leaves the...
  13. Kip

    Parallel Event processing during battles

    My goal is to Create a custom battle system in which each attack uses a small "mini game" to determine whether or not the attack will be a success or a failure.   I will gladly commission any coder/scripter who thinks they might be able to help me accomplish this goal. If you are...
  14. Lakaroth

    Anomaly Bug?

    Hello, i'm an Rpg Maker guy from the first relase RpgMker95 :) This is really strange, some parallel process, don't work. Sometimes, just delete an event and create a new one, and paste the contents from the delete one to the new one, fix everything but only sometimes. Now for example a...
  15. Sausage_Boi

    Store Player X,Y Location in a Variable?

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any method to make a variable that stores the player's PREVIOUS X,Y coordinates from the time a switch is activated? I know you can have a parallel process running for player x,y location in a variable that activates an event when you are within the parameters...
  16. SumRndmDde

    Variable Rates (Have Game Variables changed by a certain rate in the background of your game!)

    Variable Rates Version 1.00 by SumRndmDde What This Plugin Does: In the simplest terms possible, it allows you to increase or decrease one or more Variables by a certain value every certain amount of frames. This Plugin groups everything into "Rates". Each Rate has...
  17. Jefries

    Repetitive event with more than one graphic

    So Hello guys, In my project right now I currently want to create a place where you can see adventurers practicing their skills on the scarecrow from RMMV (haven't searched for a graphic of a practice dummy). So what happens is that I want for the adventurers to practice their skills for like...
  18. Centipedee

    Parallel process that changes appearance based on armor?

    Hey. I'm in the very, very early stages of making a game, and I want a mechanic that changes the player's appearance based on what armor they're wearing. In the opening scene, you start out in your pajamas equipped as armor and need to change in to your clothes by equipping them, rather than...
  19. HugoWorks

    Ending Parallel Process

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few questions here about parallel processes, but reading up on it hasn't helped me fix my problem so I'm asking here. After acquiring an item, the General appears and walks towards the player, and while doing so I have some dialogue pop up (this is why I chose...
  20. theolis-wolfpaw

    Battle Parallel Process Common Event Won't Run

    So, this is almost literally making me tear my hair out. I have set up a common event called Track Enemies to run on a parallel process with a switch. This switch is something I turn on at the start of battle, turn 0. In theory it is supposed to count the number of each type of enemy, so that I...

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