1. kkangto0

    [MV]Wait parallel on common events

    hi, While writing a common event, I have a question. I have created a wait event with "parallel processing" in common events. After a certain waiting period is over, a specific switch is turned on. This will work normally when the character stays on one map. However, I found that the idle frame...
  2. Mercedes90

    Should I reduce the main map size from 256x256?

    The main map of the game I'm making, which is the exterior city, is at a maximum size of 256x256. As I was test-playing my game today, I started to notice that it's going smooth at first, then after a few seconds the FPS drops slightly more and more, and after 1 minute into testing, there's an...
  3. Mercedes90

    Looped/Reapeating Balloon Icon on an Event?

    I'm looking for a way to place the Balloon Icon command/script in the Autonomous Movement of the Event? This is to show the Player something interesting they can interact with... for example when they see a "question mark" floating on the event itself.
  4. Mercedes90

    Random BGM? And "Switch OFF" BGM event IF Interacting with other certain events?

    I've been trying to make a parallel event that randomly plays BGM. But the problem is that they play only for a minute and then fade out even though the song is longer than that. Secondly, I've tried to do Switches so that the BGM event will deactivate when interacting with certain events...
  5. Black Pagan

    Multiple Parallel Events - Taking up Tile Space

    I have multiple Parallel Process Event tiles - Weather effects, Day and Night system, Enemy Spawn, Random Events, Level up Events, Story Triggers etc. These have no interaction with player but stay on top of Player at the corner of the map, Taking up 1 Tile space each. These restrict me from...
  6. eluukkanen

    How to make an event move towards an event with same name that is the closest?

    Hello anyone with knowledge of MV scripting :kaojoy: I am trying to achieve a system and I am almost complete. However, this issue has been something I have been unable to make into reality. I know this is possible, but I just cannot seem to get my head around the best possible solution. Anyone...
  7. Leon_Artmann

    Pause Parallel Event Processing/Movement

    Hello! I searched a lot but could not find a plugin that PAUSES event processing. Can it be done at all? The idea is to have a plugin command that pauses any parallel events in the background, and then another command to resume everything. Personally I need it to pause event movement. I know...
  8. PhxFire

    Need help with a conditional branch

    So basically I have a conditional branch reliant on a variable switch If switch is on: (Do this) *parallel* Else: (Say this) *action button* Is this possible and if so how? Otherwise I'll just have to clone the map and transfer the player to the other one after the event.
  9. David Lister

    Interact with Parallel Event

    (Please reference screen shot.) I have an event that plays an animation, pauses for 180 frames and plays the animation again. The event trigger is set to parallel so that the sequence repeats over and over. I'd like the player to be able to interact with the event (animation) when they touch it...
  10. FeliPereira97

    [RMMV] Check Key/Button Input during messages

    Hello. I'm trying to improve my "skip cutscene" function, and for that I'd really appreciate a way to check key press while showing messages, specially because there's a specific cutscene where there are a lot of quick consecutive messages, and just putting "wait 10 frames" before each message...
  11. OcRam

    OcRam - Parallels_EX plugin (for MV)

    Introduction Sometimes autorun events are not enough to do the job. What I ment by that? Usually these events are erased and will not be called again after menu nor battle scene (also will freeze the game if not erased). And then there are parallel events which are executed in EVERY frame (may...
  12. Parallel trigger on Show image?

    Just a question. Does code like this Common event If variable 1 show picture 1 If variable 2 show picture 2 If variable 3 show picture 3 which constantly check for variable and change clothes to that number breaks performance by constantly loading images or something? Just to make...
  13. gregbaby

    Any way to check if an event is next to another event?

    Hey all, I'm trying in vain to to come up with a way for an event to activate via a parallel process when it is next to another event (X or Y, so when it is in the radius directly around an event) So far I've tried putting both Events X,Y locations into seperate variables and using conditional...
  14. Parallel Common Events in Battle

    Parallel Common Events in Battle Author: Barreytor Version: 1.0 Introduction: This plugin loads the parallel-activated common events in the battle scene. Plugin:  (Attachment, requires account) MEGA Alternate download link Instructions: Just place it in your plugins...
  15. Kip

    Parallel Event processing during battles

    My goal is to Create a custom battle system in which each attack uses a small "mini game" to determine whether or not the attack will be a success or a failure.   I will gladly commission any coder/scripter who thinks they might be able to help me accomplish this goal. If you are...
  16. Parallel event that checks for action button?

    I have an enemy that uses a parallel process to chase the player and attack if he is adjacent. I also want it to check if the player attacks back with the action button. How can I do this? I have to choose either parallel or action button trigger, it doesn't allow both.
  17. MakoTorii

    Parallel Process Priority

    In VX Ace, Parallel Processes seems to load before the window shows the contents of a map. For example, if you want to display a picture even before the map fades into the new one, it'll do just that and be visible when the map first fades in. However in MV, the Parallel Process only executes...
  18. McTone

    Issue with balloon animation

    So I have an event where a sleeping person is supposed to display the "zzz" balloon while a cutscene goes on around them. I set the event to display that balloon on that event as a parallel process, but all that happens is an empty balloon appears above them. Anybody else get this? Any fixes? I...
  19. ♥SOURCE♥

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.   There is a problem with the execution of Parallel Process events in RPG Maker VX Ace (at least at the time of writing). Unlike Autorun events, they are not executed every update cycle (frame) by default due to a misplaced line in Game_Interpreter...
  20. Silent Darkness

    Autoruns/Parallel Processes=headache city

    So i'm having trouble with a parallel process, yet again. Go figure. So, what happens is, the player talks to a particular NPC, and then the NPC heads off to another map through careful use of switches. However, on the next map you encounter that NPC, it's frozen in place, despite the event...

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