1. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    About Parallel/Autorun+SaveGame+EditProject+LoadGame

    First and foremost, I'm not sure if this behavior is only for Ace. Second, this is more of a "BEWARE" kind of thing So let's get it on. Here's the thing: If you have parallel/autorun events on a map, then you use Erase Event to erase them, then used the save command and then quit the game...
  2. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...
  3. Running an Event While Text is On Screen

    I'm just testing things out in this program, trying to figure out some programming basics for a game I plan on making in the future, so the test I have right now is pretty bare bones and silly.   I'm trying to create an event where you talk to a lady at an Inn, and if you don't have enough...

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