1. [MZ] Display sp\xe param?

    Good day, I'm sorry for my english. Сan you please tell me if there is a way to display the values from the functions sp\xe parameters? // EVAsion rate eva: { get: function() { return this.xparam(1); }, configurable: true }, No, I don't need a...
  2. UncannyBoots

    Change sp-parameter of actor using an item

    Sorry for making another thread but I have another big problem that VX Ace does not seem to be able to (easily) do by default. When I use an item, its effect calls a common event and some stats are changed. But I do not know how to make it so that the "Change Parameter" event command knows what...
  3. Xyonel

    Variables and updating/refreshing in every scene

    As title say, i must refresh some variables in every scene of the game. I managed to get this work in map scene through a parallel common event but if eg. I open main menu and change a weapon, the variable doesn't refresh. i'm using variable 41 as "attack damage" since i used the normal...
  4. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] How do I make an attack do reduced damage if its target has a specific state?

    Hi, For the sake of an example, let's say I've set up an attack skill that enemies will use on the player's characters, and it always deals 300 damage no matter what. No variance, no critical hit chance, no added states, perfect accuracy, etc. Is there a plugin or something I can put in the...
  5. Hahasea

    Tell me about parameters

    Beginner question friends. I've started work on a battle system, and I'm quite confused about params, especially in the context of states. When you set a param to a state, does that state affect the actor/enemy that uses the skill containing the state, or the one they use it against? For...
  6. Nilom

    Using LUK as Weapon Damage

    Hello together! What would be the simplest way to remove all the default LUK usage from the engine? I do not like how it is used as it can cause frustration to have states or buffs/debuffs not occur sometimes. And I also want to abuse the stat as weapon damage. :LZSgrin: Thanks in advance...
  7. Yanfly ClassBaseParam and Subclass Plugins Not Playing Nice?

    Hey guys, Not sure if this was meant to be a feature or if I'm over looking something. I'm using Yanfly plugins.  ClassChangeCore, Subclass, BaseParamControl, and ClassBaseParam.  I set up some Custom class parameters in the Class Note for Warrior. <Custom Class Parameters>...
  8. Iqus

    Need New Stat Parameter, every other plugin didn't work!

    Hi there! I am in need of a script that adds new custom parameters that can be used in formulas and boosted by states and equipment. I tried BOB, ICFSoft and Quasi's scripts and none of them were working for me. So let's say for the sake of an example that I want a stat/param called anger...
  9. Augment Debuffs

    I'm liking this attachable augments a lot! Everything i want to do seems to be moving along smoother than some other things i've tried. But I can't figure out why the debuffs aren't working. also remove element +%  attachment on a weapon seems to make the wearer weaker to the element...
  10. exparameters

    Scratching the old noggin & searching for 2 days on the web, lead me to break down and ask, for the love of all that is gaming. what is the mv syntax for ex parameters. is it even possible? why? just trying to create a different counter attack that would hit back v[9] times for each...
  11. CallMeKerrigan

    Evented Attribute System

    Im using the parameters in my game to keep track of my main characters stats. At the beginning I wanted a screen where the player could move keys through bars (pictures I've made) and assign points to his parameters.  How could this be done through eventing, if possible? 
  12. Leah Prime

    Regen/poison based on stats rather then percentages?

    Hi. I want to have a skill that causes HP regeneration based on the stats of the caster, rather then the Max HP of the recepiant. EG: A skill that regenerates HP each turn based on the casters MATK stat, sort of like casting a cure spell at the end of each turn. But the amount of HP restored...
  13. Mr. Trivel

    Percent Equipment Stats

    Name: Percent Equipment Stats Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-05   What does it do? Allows for items to have percentage stat increases.   Screenshots: Nope.   How to use? Following tags influence stats item give when put...

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