1. PennGuino

    Trying to retain HP% when Max HP changes due to states added/removed

    I'm pretty new to RPG Maker MV (and this forum), so this may be a dumb question. I don't think it is, however, because I've done hours of research trying to find answers and figure this out, to no avail. Here's a rundown of my issue. Actor Alvin has a MHP of 20. State Super is applied to Alvin...
  2. Actor Parameter Copy

    Hi ! I was wondering if it is possible to make an Actor having the exact same parameters and extra-parameters as another hero. I am using a lot of plugins of Yanfly and others plugin from SumRndmDde like Summon Core. I have a character that summon a lot of creatures (it's his gameplay), but i...
  3. KrimsonKatt

    How to Add Perimeters to User when the Target isn't the User

    Hello, DewottKid (also known as KrimsonKatt) here. I have been having problems for a long time with certain skills. Let's say I want to make a skill that damages a enemy but also raises the user's speed. How exactly do I do that? I'm afraid if I add perimeters to the actual skill that those...
  4. Adding Command To Menu and making it do something.

    I goto select my new command for bestiary, but it won't do anything except freeze game even though i have common event set to do something. Heres the code:
  5. How to set variables to specific parameters?

    I see that there is a built in way to set variables to an actors current atk, level, hp, ect. But, I want to set a variable to a characters base attack, defense, ect. I feel there should be a way to do it using javascript, but nothing I have tried seems to work. There must be something simple I...
  6. Equip parameter positions. I am using Mog hunters Monogatari Menu and have almost finished setting up my menu ti great success,their is only ONE other issue i have yet to tackle and it has to do with the stat parameters in the equip menu. As you can see their are 6...

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