1. MRD256

    [RPMV] Removing the MP Number from the Battle Screen

    I was wondering if there's a way, and how, to remove the MP number from the battle screen. In other words, keep it from being displayed. I'm using MV v1.5.1 and using Yanfly Core Engine v1.24 and Yanfly BattleStatusWindow v1.08.
  2. FlamingWolf - Zezaph

    Parameter limits and application order

    Hi, I'm trying to understand a few things about parameters, so I can balance the fights in my game. Here's my questions: 1. what's the in-battle limit of basic parameters ( ATK, HP, etc... )? I know that the limits are 9999 for HP and MP and 999 for the other 6 parameters. I also know that...

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