parameter curve

  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Class Curves - Build the status of your classes independent of the editor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Balancing your game battles can be a difficult challenge! it is a fact that RPG Maker MV already makes some resources available in the class database. Although you have some ways to change the way your status increases when you level up, you still don't have...
  2. Xyonel

    Baseparamcontrol by yanfly(plugin)

    I got errors with this formula and don't know why. I checked multiple times and tweaked in different manner but still not works. the variables are additional parameters as variable which allow me to implement a scaling addition to base param. just tell me if something is wrong with this...
  3. SolemnDream

    Requesting a Tool to Generate Pokémon Stats ("Params") for Classes.json

    Resource Type: Database file for Classes.json, or software to generate one according to specifications Maker Format: MV Description: Hiya. First of all I would like to say that I am not sure where this topic belongs, so I put it here. Move it if it belongs somewhere else. ^^ We are making a...
  4. kerbonklin

    Personal Preference: Parameter Curve Scaling

    Another personal preference thread by me! So you know how the parameter curves have that little scaling ticks between "Fast", "Average" and "Slow"? What tick do you prefer, or are currently using? (if you are) Mine would be 3 ticks to the right of the 'g' of the word "Average"

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