parameter growth

  1. Cuddlebuns

    Parameter allocation script?

    So this is the idea I have. Each character is given a number of points that can be allocated to any of their parameters (ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and/or LUK) to increase that parameter by 1 per allocated point. Allocated points can be reset from the menu to allow the player to reallocate the...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Parameter inconsistent

    I have a problem with one of the parameters and I am not sure if the script I am using to check it is accurate ◆If:Script:($[2] = 1) ◆Common Event:Str_check ◆Control Variables:#0200 V200 = Attack of \N[1] ◆Change Parameter:\N[1], Attack + 5 ◆Control...
  3. DrDhoom

    Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade

    Weapon Upgrade v2.0 DrDhoom Introduction Commissioned by @kaleemmcintyre, published with permission. This plugin is for upgrading actor's weapon, just like Blacksmith shop in Suikoden. Yanfly's Item Core is needed! Features - Use growth formula for weapon parameters. - Use upgrade cost formula...
  4. Redeye

    Displaying Actor Stats when using Parameter Growth Items

    Hey there. I'm gonna need a script for my game... Basically I want to show Actor Parameters whenever I use "Parameter Growth" items such as ATK Up that permanently increases ATK. So when I use an item like that, the window displays every actor's ATK Stat rather than their Lvl, HP, and MP. These...

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