1. how increase parameter by %? (close)

    So I have items that increase actors parameters. instead of ordinary flat growth, I want the grow increase by percentage. how to achieve it? I tried to add with script, fail
  2. Drake616

    RMMZ Yanfly Core Plus Parameter [SOLVED]

    Does using the <parameter plus: x> work in battle, as a skill ? Say I have the basic formula of a.atk - b.def I put the plus tags in the skill's notes for it to add a +5 atk boost I use the skill But it only uses the basic value from actors/equipment Doesn't include the skill's added +5 atk...
  3. Therrao

    [HELP] Stats with 4 digits got cut off, any idea how to fix this?

    Max HP is around 1500, but it only showing 1. and it's not only on this menu, but also on every parameter window on every scenes.
  4. question about luck

    luck purpose is 'chance of status effects'. but if I disable luck, will there be a change in inflict status effect? if my actor luck is 0 with skill/attack have 25% poison inflict, will the attack 25% chance or there will be some modification? Game_Action.prototype.lukEffectRate =...
  5. UncannyBoots

    Change sp-parameter of actor using an item

    Sorry for making another thread but I have another big problem that VX Ace does not seem to be able to (easily) do by default. When I use an item, its effect calls a common event and some stats are changed. But I do not know how to make it so that the "Change Parameter" event command knows what...
  6. Eliaquim

    Eli Cap Parameter Control - Manage how an actor can overflow his max parameters!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction In Eli Class Curves, we have the Cap Curve parameter that defines the max value of an actor parameter. But maybe you want to exceed this value somehow. Maybe equipping a weapon or using an item. So this plugin is for you. Features • Choose if you want to...
  7. Eliaquim

    Eli Class Curves - Build the status of your classes independent of the editor!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Balancing your game battles can be a difficult challenge! it is a fact that RPG Maker MV already makes some resources available in the class database. Although you have some ways to change the way your status increases when you level up, you still don't have...
  8. Xyonel

    Baseparamcontrol by yanfly(plugin)

    I got errors with this formula and don't know why. I checked multiple times and tweaked in different manner but still not works. the variables are additional parameters as variable which allow me to implement a scaling addition to base param. just tell me if something is wrong with this...
  9. nox24

    SOLVED: Help with displaying custom parameters on yanfly equipcore

    I'm using custom parameters and I've managed to display them on the status screen using StatusMenuCore, but I can't for the life of me do the same to the equip screen, which is crucial for the game I'm making as it's going to be dependent on equipment for stats. In the above picture I managed...
  10. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] How do I make an attack do reduced damage if its target has a specific state?

    Hi, For the sake of an example, let's say I've set up an attack skill that enemies will use on the player's characters, and it always deals 300 damage no matter what. No variance, no critical hit chance, no added states, perfect accuracy, etc. Is there a plugin or something I can put in the...
  11. ovate

    Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)

    dsJobChange - ver1.11.5 Creator name: Douraku Overview Job change system Features - Use Note tags to set for Actors (levels) or Classes (graphics) - Possible to add job requirement based on conditions/ stat values - There's a plugin command to open the job change menu - Alternate layout with...
  12. ovate

    Damage Formula Extension

    Damage Formula Extension 2017/01/28 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction More functions that can be used for damage formula calculation. How to Use Input function for skill damage formula in database. Example(a.plus_atk), (b.plus_def) Formula functions list: plus_atk(percent, value)...
  13. Hahasea

    Tell me about parameters

    Beginner question friends. I've started work on a battle system, and I'm quite confused about params, especially in the context of states. When you set a param to a state, does that state affect the actor/enemy that uses the skill containing the state, or the one they use it against? For...
  14. Nilom

    Using LUK as Weapon Damage

    Hello together! What would be the simplest way to remove all the default LUK usage from the engine? I do not like how it is used as it can cause frustration to have states or buffs/debuffs not occur sometimes. And I also want to abuse the stat as weapon damage. :LZSgrin: Thanks in advance...
  15. Yanfly BattleEngine Core - Action Speed Error

    This is the code I've got in the Action Speed parameter box for Yanfly's BattleEngine Core script: Basically, if the AGI for the battler is above 50 (i.e., they are an enemy), I want their Action Speed to be 1. Otherwise: if their AGI is greater than a random number, I want their Action Speed...
  16. Hyouryuu-Na

    Any way to use variables as plugin parameter?

    I have searched for this topic multiple times but didn't find anything. It may sound pretty bizarre but I don't know because I have no idea about these stuff. Moghunter's footstep plugin got me thinking all types of things XD. There's an option for Duration, how long the footstep graphics should...
  17. RPG Maker MV curve for setting class stats won't change

    When I press left click in the parameter curve (I hope that's the correct translation from German to English) it doesn't change the value. Instead, it shows me the current calue which I have been set before. Why can't I change the curve with the mouse anymore?
  18. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】Intimacy System

    Tutorial topic: how to manage your characters' closeness to the MC and make that influence the story Brief description Even if I'm not into tutorials about something an extension/studying documentation could do just fine, I've recieved an offer for doing this, so… here comes nothing. Check this...
  19. Sednaiur

    Using actor kill count in damage formula

    I would like to make a skill that deals damage equal to the kills that the user has done so far, like increasing the damage output of said skill by 1 for every kill. I am sure that this is possible, but I do not know how to adress the kill count of the actor in the damage formula. For example...
  20. 0 Parameter

    Is there any plugin to set the base parameters to 0 instead of 1? I'm making a game where Instead of stats for stuff like defense It's more casual and I wanna show stuff like how many days have passed in game.

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