1. tale

    Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)

    dsJobChange - ver1.11.5 Creator name: Douraku Overview Job change system Features - Use Note tags to set for Actors (levels) or Classes (graphics) - Possible to add job requirement based on conditions/ stat values - There's a plugin command to open the job change menu - Alternate layout with...
  2. tale

    Damage Formula Extension

    Damage Formula Extension 2017/01/28 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction More functions that can be used for damage formula calculation. How to Use Input function for skill damage formula in database. Example(a.plus_atk), (b.plus_def) Formula functions list: plus_atk(percent, value)...
  3. Hahasea

    Tell me about parameters

    Beginner question friends. I've started work on a battle system, and I'm quite confused about params, especially in the context of states. When you set a param to a state, does that state affect the actor/enemy that uses the skill containing the state, or the one they use it against? For...
  4. Nilom

    Using LUK as Weapon Damage

    Hello together! What would be the simplest way to remove all the default LUK usage from the engine? I do not like how it is used as it can cause frustration to have states or buffs/debuffs not occur sometimes. And I also want to abuse the stat as weapon damage. :LZSgrin: Thanks in advance...
  5. Yanfly BattleEngine Core - Action Speed Error

    This is the code I've got in the Action Speed parameter box for Yanfly's BattleEngine Core script: Basically, if the AGI for the battler is above 50 (i.e., they are an enemy), I want their Action Speed to be 1. Otherwise: if their AGI is greater than a random number, I want their Action Speed...
  6. Hyouryuu-Na

    Any way to use variables as plugin parameter?

    I have searched for this topic multiple times but didn't find anything. It may sound pretty bizarre but I don't know because I have no idea about these stuff. Moghunter's footstep plugin got me thinking all types of things XD. There's an option for Duration, how long the footstep graphics should...
  7. RPG Maker MV curve for setting class stats won't change

    When I press left click in the parameter curve (I hope that's the correct translation from German to English) it doesn't change the value. Instead, it shows me the current calue which I have been set before. Why can't I change the curve with the mouse anymore?
  8. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】Intimacy System

    Tutorial topic: how to manage your characters' closeness to the MC and make that influence the story Brief description Even if I'm not into tutorials about something an extension/studying documentation could do just fine, I've recieved an offer for doing this, so… here comes nothing. Check this...
  9. Sednaiur

    Using actor kill count in damage formula

    I would like to make a skill that deals damage equal to the kills that the user has done so far, like increasing the damage output of said skill by 1 for every kill. I am sure that this is possible, but I do not know how to adress the kill count of the actor in the damage formula. For example...
  10. 0 Parameter

    Is there any plugin to set the base parameters to 0 instead of 1? I'm making a game where Instead of stats for stuff like defense It's more casual and I wanna show stuff like how many days have passed in game.
  11. How To Modify Status Effect Base Formula

    I have no actual idea where to go to edit a part of the game files so I can do this. What I want can't be changed through plugins or events, so I need to tinker around with the formula that determines the chance to inflict a status effect. Anyone know which file needs to be opened? Where to...
  12. Thordon123

    Removing Magic Atk and Magic Defense

    YEP Status Menu Core: Hey, I'm using Yanfly's StatusMenuCore right now and wanted to remove the Magic Atk and Magic Def parameters from my game as I'm not using them. They still show up in my status menu and I can't figure out how to use the...
  13. plumbbobparadise

    Parameter issues... please help!

    Hi everyone, I'm sorta new to this board, though I'm not entirely new to RPG Maker. I've been 'toying' with it on and off since the days of 2000/2003, which might just tell you guys how 'old' I am, lol. Anyway, I picked up MV during the recent Steam sale and am still learning the ropes of the...
  14. goddialga

    Changing parameters in plugin with a script call?

    Hello! I was wondering if changing the parameters in the plugins command is possible? I'll provide an example of "SumRndmDde's Picture Choice" plugin here I want to know if it is possible to change the value within the red box via script call? Maybe I...
  15. kongu2910

    Attack Scaling w/ Other Parameter Rates

    I am attempting to create a formula to calculate ATK that takes the parameter rates for both ATK and AGI into account. I'm currently using Yanfly's Base Parameter Control plugin to try and attempt this. Here is an excerpt from the formula I'm using to achieve this: base * user.hit * 10.41 +...
  16. Request: Final Fantasy Tactics style job parameter growth

    Hi all, I'm looking for a plugin that grants characters stat increases based on the job they are currently using and also allows characters to keep the stats they have gained when they change jobs. In this situation, a character could go from level 1 to 10 as a Warrior (which would have a...
  17. Lonewulf123

    Parameter Display Upgrade

    Hello, Thanks for reading through my thread. I'm looking for new and visually interesting ways to display parameters in the status menu and equip menus. Description: First, I would like a radar chart display for Parameters. You can see an example of one below. Interesting features to add...
  18. CallMeKerrigan

    Raising Parameters Temporarily

    I know this is probably a bit of a silly question, but how do I make an item that raises a parameter temporarily? I want to make an item increase magic attack by +5 and have it wear off after a certain period of time.
  19. Removing specific parameters from Yanfly Status/Equip Menu Core

    Hey guys, Just wondering how exactly I can remove specific Parameters from the Equip and Status menus so that they do not display. I'm trying to remove the Def/M.Def Parameters from my game. I have a bit of experience with editing Plugins but Yanfly seems to be calling these parameters from an...
  20. Vendon

    More Stat Ranks

    Description of the Feature: As for now we have 5 different Parameter Curve ranks (A,B,C,D,E). 5 Are not bad but for people who would like to make a hero game where you have several different ranks of heroes it is a lack of option. So you have to manually input the stats for all your heroes. I...

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