1. RMMV Feed list (select) parameter type from another array parameter

    Hi everyone!! :D Do you know if there's a way to use a select parameter type to fill the list of values from another array based parameter? Let's say I want to create a custom list of categories for other parameters or objects in the plugin setup definition. Apologies if this subject was...
  2. RMMV Traits on equip menu?

    I would like to show stuff like Hit Rate, Evasion and Critical Rate on the Equip Menu. I'm usig the Yanfly Engine. How can I do this?
  3. bishiba

    RMMZ Changing the size of healthbars and such in the battle screen. (SOLVED)

    Where would I find the width and/or height of the bars in the battle screen. See below: Want it to fill the the entire box basically. SOLVED: I solved it with this. It will automatically resize your status gauges based on your screen resolution. I don't know if it collides with other plugins...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Dynamic Parameters - Change parameter values dynamically with states and equipment note tags!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction If the actor has state id X he gains a +10 attack boost! Easy? But if the actor has class id X and is equipped with weapon Id X and also has state id X, then he will have a +50 ATK boost! Not too complicated? If an actor has a state id X, and his level is...
  5. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Params Core

    ICF-Soft Params Core for MZ - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction Ported to work correctly in MZ. This plugin enables you to add full new custom parameters that can be used inside formulas or inside events. Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's...
  6. nio kasgami

    Dynamic database type (item, armor etc) in parameter

    Description of the Feature: These features would allow the plugin developer to let the user to swap database type (i.e armour, item etc). Right now it's impossible to add parameter support for a system like crafting system into the plugin Editor without making the user having to either let them...
  7. Level up each stat individually?

    In the game I'm currently working on there are no battles, only competitions that involve each parameter. I've also changed the parameters to as follows: Attack is now Speed Defense is now Power M.Attack is now Dig M.Defense is now Jump Agility is now Beauty Actors also don't have overall...
  8. Sword_of_Dusk

    Issues with DreamX Show Parameters and Yanfly Item Core

    Decided to try out Quasi Params Plus and DreamX's Show Parameters in order to add and show two new parameters to my game that would work with the Yanfly suite. Though both are a bit older, everything seemed to do exactly what I need them to, but there's an oddity with looking at weapons and...
  9. FatalErrorDriveB

    Can I add parameters based on a parameter?

    So I'm not sure if this can even be done. What I wish to do is add parameters to my plugins parameter list depending on a parameter the user entered. I know that's confusing so I'll try to give an example. param NUM_TO_HAVE [user give a number here] Param NUM_1 [Value] (These only show if the...
  10. Xyonel

    permanent stat allocation script??

    Hi there, I use yep stat allocation, it works well but... "Why the holy sanctuary" there isn't the permanent allocation function? it can be worked around but, some suggestion how to better handle that? Thanks mates.
  11. lordvalinar

    Attribute Escape Codes

    Firstly, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I'm not exactly sure if this falls under this category or learning javascript.. The point of order is "How to process attribute/parameter names with escape codes to show up in windows?" Example, I have the screenshot below of the icons setup...
  12. Kinni

    Error with Plugin Parameters not Showing (Solved)

    This is an issue I had with three different plugins, so I expect that there should be a common cause on my end. Those three plugins are Mr Trivel's Scene Backgrounds and Frogboy's Frog Core and Frog Magic. When selecting any of those while trying to add a new plugin, nothing appears on either...
  13. How to hide/delete parameters

    Hi, I need a little help. I don't need special defence or luck in my game, and I want to disable or hide them. I don't want them to show in status menu, in equip menu or in any else menu. Is there some way to do it? For now I'm using DreamX's Show Parameters. (Link) It works. However, it needs...
  14. Gabrepasta

    [Solved] What is the "call" for Attackspeed?

    So, every parameter has a title you call it by. For Attack for example, you use "atk" in damage formula and script-calls. But what do I need to use if I want to call upon the Attackspeed stat that your equip weapons and armor apply? Say I need it to evaluate a variable.
  15. ButtAlien

    Interrelated parameters

    I would like to be able to connect main parameters with each other. For example, I would to be able to have a character's Magic Attack parameter be increased by a percentage of their Defense parameter. The hope is to encourage players to not just choose magic attack boosting items for their...
  16. Silva Affinity System

    Silva Affinity System - Version 1.11 Silva Introduction This plugin add elemental affinity parameters to battlers and the option to have their element rates be calculated based on their affinities. Features - Adds affinity parameters to battlers that can be used in the damage formula (and...
  17. sock

    Setting the Parameter to 0.

    Hi all. I was wondering if it were possible to set any of the base parameters (Specifically MAT) to 0. And then when you equip a weapon, this will increase the MAT by 10. So it will say 10. What I have tried. -Setting the parameter MAT to 0 at lvl 1 to set the MAT where I want it. Making sure I...
  18. Zausen

    What is the purpose of each parameter?

    Hello everybody: I'm searching for how each parameter works, some I understand, but others(3) aren't clear. Some parameters are explained in the documentations, but others aren't (Or I don't find them): Target Rate: is it a taunt? I tested with the enemies (with these didn't work) but it only...
  19. Issue with Base Parameter Control

    So I'm trying to make a system where your HP and MP are controlled directly by your Constitution and Wisdom stats. The idea is that your MP will be 2x your Wisdom and your HP will be 10x your Constitution. Using the base parameter control, I went into the max MP formula and modified it to this...
  20. Help - Item that raises stat for one battle

    Hello All! I am working on a game, and I would like to have an item that raises the HP stat by 10 for one battle, or until a battle has ended. Is there any way to make this work? Thanks! ~Sparrow

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