1. Purrkour (Please help us improve)

    Hey everyone! We would love it if you could check out our game Purrkour! We plan keep working on this game, and would appreciate all feedback! A few useful things to know about our game:\ If you hit the download button and you are...

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Enjoying my weekend at home to stay Covid free. How is everyone else doing?
If you enjoy speed mapping for RPG Maker MV check out my YouTube Channel. My latest video includes custom made tiles which makes a simple map look dynamic!

Check out my short game Hikari's World! : Chapter I, on
An actual dwarf with an actual axe is not so fascinating as the fantasy counterpart...
I'm so back and forth on pre-ording MZ. I can totally wait for a better deal down the road (since I don't need the extras and waiting to see how YEP plugins turn out) but there's something about the fun in playing with "a new toy".

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