RMMV Cosmoquantum Intensive Program

    Cosmoquantum intensive program is a chrono engine based coaching cult simulator, a parody of what it means to enter such a program and what it takes to complete such an intensive experience!. A quarantine experiment that has grown and is now ready to assist you in your inner journey to the 36...
  2. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Final Farcity II, a concept for a sequel (Contains Adult Humor)

    Hello everyone I have once again crawled back into the "Game Ideas and Prototypes" thread to make a post about another game that may or not go into production or may just be very well stillborn. But first some back story, which is handily accessible via this handy dandy spoiler. I hope you...
  3. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Kaiserriech Hearts: A Kingdom Hearts Parody

    Oh boy RPGMweb forums! Here comes another crazy RPG game made by everyone's favorite nutjob. So here we go! Kaiserreich Hearts is both a parody of and an improvement of Kingdom Hearts in the sense that this game will simplify concepts and ideas from Kingdom Hearts in a way that is more...
  4. sy020

    RMMV Arthur - My first RPGMaker Game

    Foreword: Arthur was meant as a taste-test for me to learn the basic functions of a standard RPG Maker game using only the trial mode of RPG Maker MV. Yes, this entire game -characters, plot, storyline and all- were all conceived in under 20 days. My learning journey was so incredibly fun, it...
  5. Lihinel

    RMMV [RSE][Demo]War on Christmas

    Disclaimer: Contains a parody of religion and politics War on Christmas SUMMARY SCREENSHOTS INTRO, TITLE & FACTION SELECTION OTHER VIDEOS Tech-Demo: Version 2019 05 09 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_GVVZbHUipiQRxA7ESVcwwWXibTp-340 (This link opens a Google Drive site, there...
  6. Narch

    RMMV TWOTCH: PrincessBeach68

    Introduction: Hi everyone. I recently made this game for a 10 days JAM where the theme was Princesses and Witches. I'm making an RPG type of game regulary, but this Jam was the occasion to test some things, and release a functionnal product. What you can play in this JAM game is supposed to be...
  7. GentleCyanide

    RMMV Legends of Macrocosm

    Introduction Greetings, Vestige Games consist of two people GentleCyanide and KabukiCat. We're casually trying to make a fun Parody Meta RPG "Legends of Macrocosm" game in our spare time. Full time we work as professional concept artists in the games industry, and were looking for an outlet...
  8. Mrs_Allykat

    RMMV Doctor Slime - One Map Challenge

    A One Map Challenge Entry Description: Therese, of the RTP, has developed a severe case of tsunder-enza! This could develop into the highly contagious trope-itosis. Sadly, Harold has no idea that this problem even exists. To prevent the entire slime-verse from contracting such an annoying...
  9. KayZaman

    Can make parody?

    Well, this word 'parody' crossed my mind when I was playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive.  The question is...... Can I make parody of something by using RPG Maker to make project of parodies? Like 'RPG Strike : MV Offensive'. That's what is in my mind.
  10. N-Game Arts

    Video Game Parody (Law/Design)

    Hello, Some of you may know... I've been hard at work on a Resident Evil RPG parody style game. I'm about 3 weeks in development (which I know isn't much) ^^; I will be using many assists from from the original games.... It's sad how often we see smart and good projects drop do to cease...
  11. The Cat 2

    In the not so long past, there was a war between Demons and the Great Deity which led to the destruction of the planet.  Time as past and the light is slowly fading from the world and magic is no longer used within the world. Enter you, the person player guy, a person that's just a person...
  12. kaleemmcintyre

    Ryugou - The Game

    Disclaimer: Made with permission of the creator, this game places you in the role of the main character from the webcomic RYUGOU, Teo, as he and his guardian, Kitty, in their last four days within their forest home before their departure into an unknown world. Story: Teo, a rambunctious...
  13. Benjamin Kuli

    Companions (A parody of monster catcher games)

      DESCRIPTION   Welcome to the world of Companions. In this world, your weirdest dreams will come true. You're capable of collecting... well, companions. If you haven't realized it from this game's title already. In other words: your dream to beat up a grandpa by your zombie dog become true...
  14. MrTimothy

    Tune In - A Comedy About America (Some Adult Content)

    I am proud to present Tune In, my first planned release of an RPG Maker game. For those of you who I'm new to, my name is Timothy, I'm the original writer of Tune In, which is a published stageplay, and technical "producer" of this game adaptation. I was once on the old RPG Maker forums...
  15. Centipede

    Is there still a market for parody/spoof games?

    I was talking to my friend the other day and I brought up the possibility of making a spoof of a certain, well-known girls' cartoon, featuring weirdness like giant Japanese bikini models, Angelina Jolie and her private army of child soldiers (you know, with all those kids she's adopted), otakus...
  16. Mettool

    Brave Hero Yuusha [DEMO v 2] - Update 8/31/15!

    What better way to spend an evening than gathered around listening to a classic tale of a brave hero saving a princess from a sinister demon lord bent on ruling the world? Sure, it may be the same story you've heard time and time again, but don't old stories get better with age? So here we find...
  17. Ramil

    Legend of Newarth: Story of Us

    Story of Us Genre:                  RPG            Comedy            Parody            Adventure            Puzzle            Fantasy _____________________________________________________________________________________   Download: Link    (1.5 - 2 Hours)          Version: 0.23     (Chapter 1)...
  18. Haydeos

    A Comic's Tale Demo available.

  19. Bonkers

    Silver Town (Final Version)

                Silver Town will be a non commercial game.  It started as an adaptation of a home brew Dungeons and Dragons campaign using RPG Maker VX/Ace, and quickly grew into it's own story.   Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Comedic, Parody       This save is for people with XP machines who...

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