parralax mapping

  1. JustFront

    Parralax mapping erase picture problem

    Hello i'm new to rpg maker mv and I have problem with parralax mapping, the problem is that when I bind picture with the bind picture plugin, the picture appears on the other map when the player transfers. I tried to fix it with erase picture but when I try that I get a error. (Sorry if I make...
  2. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Hi! This is a short tutorial to show you how to work with RPG Maker's autotiles in Tiled to make pre-rendering mapping easier. If you do not know what Tiled is, it's a program that allows you to create maps with Tilesets (like RPG Maker) but with the added bonus of an unlimited number of layers...
  3. Luckysince97

    How to layer a bridge on top layer

    i had problem, but after some more test i found exactly all i wanted so no need for more explanation, on parralax i was searching the swicth method, not knowing it was inside doodad menu....ty FlyingDream for your video, i found out where the switch are...
  4. FrozenNuke0327

    Currently unsure whether or not this is a glitch or something..

    I open my up my project and then get past the first map, then i get to second map and somehow with the parallax background.. I am not able to walk around, despite the parallax background just being an image, I am unsure if this a glitch, error or just an error with the events, I am open to...
  5. Higher and Lower Terrain Issue.

    Hi the guys, recently I've have got into the joys of parallax mapping...and the crap bits too. Basically I'm looking for a solution to a problem with higher and lower ground (see images) If my character is on the walkway I do not want him to be able to go into the water, however I need...

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