1. autodidact

    Parsing Data in Notes field

    Hello, I have been trying to get this JS script just right, but my research and extremely limited regex experience is not helping. It is very easy to use RPG's meta field, unfortunately my tags do not allow me to utilize the "meta" property since they use the same key name. These are the tags...
  2.  Masked 

    Schach - Parsing

    Schach - Parsing | v1.1.0 | by Masked Introduction This is a core library for text parsing. This script does not provide any functionality by itself, only functions that ought to be used by other scripts to make sense of generic user input. For more details on motivation and advantages, see...
  3.  Masked 

    RMMZ Parser combinator library

    Hey there \o So, I've been working on a little "core" plugin for parsing, and thought of sharing it here to gather some feedback and ideas. Hope you enjoy :kaohi: What is a parser? On a general sense, a parser is a program that analyses strings. If you're a programmer, you're probably...
  4. Regexp matches many in Rubular but not in production.

    * Edit: Neglected to put [Ace] in the header. On Rubular, the following regular expression evaluates 7 match groups - as expected /^<(\w+)\s*(\w+=".*")*\s*(??:\/\s*>)|(?:>(.*)<\s*\/\s*\1\s*>))$/mHowever, the following line only returns the last match in a note box...

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