1. Bernkastelwitch

    Any generator parts for Insect parts, tentacles, or Merfolk?

    My game has some more non-human characters including some insect-like people, some Mermaids and mermen, and a race of people with parasite-like tentacles/tendrils coming out of them. I have been looking everywhere for any kinds of parts I can use for a generator or some NPCs I can credit if...
  2. Journey_Sticks

    Generator Parts v-1.3

    Face Mask Bunny Tail Military Hats Jump Suit Jeans Only Smoking Blunt New Hat Skull Head Bunny Tail is Free to use however you want, no credit necessary New Hat is Free to use however you want, no credit necessary Hats are Free to use however you want, no credit necessary...
  3. CrisR82

    Kid Generator Parts Usage Questions

    I have a question about the use rights for the Kid Generator Parts DLC - the site has two tags in particular that concern me: "Violent Content Forbidden" and "Adult Content Forbidden". While the labels are self-explanatory, they, by themselves seem far too broad to clarify where the line is...
  4. MushroomCake28

    Character Generator parts on the forum

    Hi, I'm looking for the main workshops or the main collections of character generator parts for MV on this forum that allow the use of their asset for free for commercial games. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just a collection of diversified assets (clothes, accessories, different...
  5. Ambianum

    Slightly balding Hair

    Hi, this is for you creators ;-) This is a generator part...
  6. Guardinthena

    Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    I am so very pleased to announce that I acquired MV recently and have fully dived into a long awaited project that I wanted to do-dwarfs! I was always so displeased with the lack of diversity amongst the fantasy genre of our beloved elves, dwarfs, and general beards. So I'm rectifying that...
  7. Lost Generator Part

    OKAY. I was backing up my MV generator parts and I think I deleted my "female body". (Yes I am a noob). Can anyone help me out? How do I get this part back?
  8. Generator Part Request ( fur collar trench coat )

    Hello, I am in need of a trench coat similar to the one that Loke whore at the start of Fairy tail ( image lin below) Also if it is possible to not only change the color but also make a female version if possible. I still don't know if i'll make my game a comercial project or not so keep in mind...
  9. DogeWorm

    Ship Parts

    So I want it to make it so that whenever you buy something, then it gets sent to the front desk instead of your inventory, and you have to pick it up there. Is this possible without a script, or no?
  10. Purzelkater

    RMMV Generator Importer (.NET)

    RMMV Generator Importer (.NET)     Introduction The RMMV Character Generator is a nice tool, but with more and more additional content for, it's hard to manage all the files. So I'm writing on a little program to simplify the import of additional generator parts. I know there is...
  11. Zanshoo

    Generator parts for beast men

    Hi, This time i made some stuff for the generator. I really wanted some Dog faces, dragon as well, then this is my work . Preview:  - There are some issues with front hair and for the moment i don't know how to solve them ...  3 out of all are ok but for the rest the it's a bit...
  12. Stupid Generator Parts Issue

    The last RPG Maker I used was 2k3. I was pretty dumb and didn't do my research, because hey...the interface in the trailer looked pretty simple and similar. So I just jumped in, and DIDN'T BACKUP THE ORIGINAL PARTS. So yes, I know I have to reinstall and yadda yadda. But these folders are...
  13. Francisco's Generator Parts

    Hi, I made some parts for the generator and I thought I would share them here. Please note that I have various parts in my folders made by other members of the community so the numbers of the parts will most probably don't match yours, you will need to edit the file names in order to use them...
  14. FuzzyDemon

    FuzzyDemon MV Generator Parts

    I am no longer active in this thread. The folder hierarchy might be wrong in a bunch of these resources as a lots of things have changed since the last time I touched any of these. I don't plan on doing anything more over here. I have been extremely busy with university and starting a whole game...
  15. Jtanooki

    Jtanooki's MV Generator Parts - Updated

    Hey guys! We all know that RMMV's generator is a huge step up from Ace's Generator, but it could still use new parts. Here are some generator parts that I managed to take from the RTP's facesets. I'll try to put more parts here whenever I can. Update: Added female mouth. Parts Available 3...
  16. LaFlibuste

    Looseleaf character parts pack

    Hello people! So I have been trying to upload a pack to the workshop for the last few days with no success. Maybe it's because I run this on parallels desktop (I'm a mac user), it says something about a connection problem, please check your internet and if steam is running. Anyway, I wanted to...
  17. BardAaron

    BardAaron's Resources

    BardAaron's Resources I've been recoloring some of the RTP sprites bodies to fit the generator, so I thought I'd share.  I got the base from Seabird, and then edited to make them fit as generator parts.  Most are simple recolors. For the most part, I don't require any credit for these.  If...
  18. BardAaron

    [VX Ace] "Black" Face Parts

    I want a bit of racial diversity in my game, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any, or could produce, some decent Black (as in African) features for the face Generator in VX Ace.  I've downloaded all the parts Ive been able to find, and so far there is a real dirth of features that aren't...
  19. //Cache.

    VXACE Generator Parts (Requesting)

    Greetings everyone and anyone who may click upon this thread.. I am on a search for resources for the VXACE Character Generator.. This includes any form of cloth,hair,eyes,acc,etc. I have been suggested to head over to Tekepon, but currently the site is unavalible. So I am requesting anyone...
  20. RainbowGrenade

    Character Generator Bits 'n' Pieces

      Feel free to use anything here in your personal or commercial games.  I just ask that credit is given to myself either as Rainbow Grenade or Angela Drake.  Don't forget to credit Enterbrain as well, since a lot of these are edits of original generator pieces.  If you do use my stuff in a...

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