1. Ralph

    RPG Maker Reflections!

       ~ RPG Maker Reflections ~     Post about your most memorable experiences with RPG Maker XP, VX, or VX Ace! Who knows? You might be entered into a drawing for a giveaway! The most-liked reflection will also get something special!   Greetings, game developers! It is I, Ralph, and I have a...
  2. Archeia

    RPG Maker 24th Birthday!

    Beautiful banner art by Makio-Kuta, BG art by Archeia   Hello one and all~!  RPG Maker's 24th Anniversary finally starts tomorrow at February 8, 2014.    We have some amazing surprises in store for everyone~ So watch this space for more events that we will have!

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Yanfly told me the new earth all animations in MZ look a bit like summoning potatoes and now I can't unsee it. halp
Despite time and all the other things I am working on, I decided that I am going to start a Fire Emblem-like project. Follow your dreams! I'll just have to balance hours efficiently. I'm also not making this as complex as my Might and Magic inspired project, so it will be a much easier project to work on.
So I've taken to doing a test of the game, and making a list of everything I think of during the test to add/fix. Over the course of the night I check them off as I do them, and by the end of the night I always feel like I've accomplished something. :LZSexcite:
Eventz MZ? Events MZ!
My laptop has been restarting for around ten minutes. Not updating. I am concerned.

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