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  1. Not letting players change party members, but still giving reserve XP

    I have a game with seven playable characters, and the player is able to switch between them freely in the menu with the base setup. Is there a way to lock the player from changing the party except in a certain hub/home base, but still giving reserve XP to all members? Edit: Also, lock players...
  2. Suikoden Style Tavern MV

    Hi everyone, greetings :D As the thread title says, I need a script for MV with the capabilites of giving the player to recruit characters and customize their party. This is somewhat similar to Yanfly's large party system, but with some differences; If you don't know Suikoden's classic...
  3. Party Adding Event HELP!

    Hello! Just a heads up, I bought this game a day ago, so i would really appreciate detailed help, i want to learn as i get help! So I'm trying to do a solo start, but as you play you can add party members as you go. Im at the part where I can add the party member i want, but once i do, i just...
  4. Fangzarie

    Guild/ Party Member Help

    I'm quite new to RPG maker and I have found a problem with the party system or rather what I need to party system to "do". What i'm trying to get is mechanics similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or any guild format in certain games like Fire Emblem. I'm trying to create a game where you can...
  5. lerugray

    RMMV Of Blood & Iron - An Isometric Wizardry6 Style Dungeon Crawler

    Of Blood & Iron An isometric 3D style simple dungeon crawler made using FPLE for MV Please note, I copy pasted these notes from my design document, I believe the fulfill the requirements for Mechanics and Characters, it was just otherwise a pain to figure out how to chop it apart. This design...

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