party command window

  1. The Pause Menu Is Showing Party Members That Don't Exist

    I was testing out my game when I decided to press "x." I was greeted with three members in the party. Two of them not existing. Why is the game doing this, and how do I rectify it?
  2. tale


    SkipPartyCommand - Version 1.0.5 (2018/07/25) Creator name: Tsumio Overview This plugin skip party command in battle Features - If switch 1 (default) is On, party command is skipped. - If switch 2 (default) is On, show escape command in actor command window. - Switch number can be change...
  3. Amarysse

    Remove (not skip!) Party Command Window

    Hello! Been searching the Web and these forums to no avail, so thought I'd ask directly. I want to completely deactivate the Party Command Window. I'm using Yanfly's battle engine and the CTB extension, and I'd like to remove the functionality that brings up the Party Command Window when...

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