party command

  1. ShinyRedUmbreon

    How Do I Remove The Party Commands In Battle?

    At the beginning of every battle, a fight and escape menu is shown. How do i remove the commands from the battle? Keep in mind, this is for VX Ace(or RGSS3).
  2. tale


    SkipPartyCommand - Version 1.0.5 (2018/07/25) Creator name: Tsumio Overview This plugin skip party command in battle Features - If switch 1 (default) is On, party command is skipped. - If switch 2 (default) is On, show escape command in actor command window. - Switch number can be change...
  3. Absolute complete removal of anything party command related

    I'm aware that getting rid of the party command menu has been a thing lots of people asked for and that there is a script someone posted that does get rid of it but it's inadequate. I'm using the following script that I found from here and while the party command menu is gone, the input to call...

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